eOTS: “Operations & Technical Support” (online training)

The online operations and technical support training (eOTS) is the online learning version of the 5-day classroom training. ​
It does not replace the 5-day training course, but it does provide a deep dive into the Ipanema solution, to enable proficient set-up, management and support of the solution. ​
Successful completion of the training and exams results in certification – Ipanema Certified Entry-Level Technician (ICET)​
Training objectives

eOTS teaches Ipanema System administrators the concepts of the Ipanema solution and how to configure and manage its different components. At the end of the course, attendees will be able to:

  • understand the goals, concepts and principles of Ipanema features
  • understand the application metrics measured by Ipanema
  • competently discuss Ipanema reports and exploit their richness to conduct network audits and troubleshoot application quality issues
  • choose and install Ipanema Appliances

Attendees will be able to autonomously configure and use the following features:

  • Application Visibility
  • Application Control
  • WAN Optimization

In total there are 13 modules. Training takes between 4-6 hours, depending on individual learning pace. ​



Network engineers having to deploy, manage or use the Ipanema solution.


  • Global knowledge of IP networks
  • Global knowledge of software apps


eOTS is a made up of three courses: IFB, AAF and REP.