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Digital Transformation for Manufacturing

Reduce cost and end Production Outages with reliable, predictable application user experience

Prevent Manufacturing Delays and Protect Your Revenues with Application-Aware SD-WAN


Your number one business challenge is figuring out how to deliver a high quality digital experience. You need to maintain consistent collaboration and visibility into your supply chain and production facilities. The goal: boost operational efficiency, eliminate production outages, and reduce costs.

Digital transformation in manufacturing can solve this problem. Yet, 70% of Manufacturers still cannot provide an effective user experience across the digital critical applications that drive modern business. Ipanema SD-WAN gives you the user experience control that you need to keep those critical applications running.


Key Benefits

Increase your production levels

Increase your production levels

Enable the users of your business-critical production systems to be more productive. Now you can maintain always-on connectivity while delivering the most robust application performance. A top British car manufacturer aims to double their production levels between 2016 and 2020 with Ipanema SD-WAN to manage their Hybrid WAN to stop brownout conditions.

Guarantee smooth collaboration

Guarantee smooth collaboration

Industry 4.0 changed manufacturing workflows replacing silos with interconnected processes and integrated teams. Deliver the best application experience from your WAN to Unified Communications and machine-to-machine (IoT). Gemalto manages 3 million minutes per month of collaboration (IM, audio, document/screen sharing) and 21,000 audio/video conferences per month with unsurpassed quality.

Migrate to the Cloud using SaaS applications

Migrate to the Cloud using SaaS applications

Azure, Office-365, Skype-for-Business, AWS, etc., triggered your migration to the Cloud. You can guarantee the best level of Secured User Experience to ensure rapid user adoption. Solvay increased Internet usage as a Business Network, maximizing their IT agility for 29000 staff in 55 countries for Gmail, Google-Apps, Remedy, and SalesForce.com.

Boost your company growth while harnessing infrastructure costs

Boost your company growth while harnessing infrastructure costs

Either organically or through M&As, your company keeps growing. To support this development, you need to integrate new sites/users/applications to the infrastructure with agility within the budget. To promote new application adoption, the SEB-Group deployed new solutions ensuring an excellent user experience within each business entity at every location while keeping telecom expenditure under control.

Speed up your development processes

Speed up your development processes

Ensure your global team is connected with an optimized application experience.

Maximize uptime while allowing capacity growth

Maximize uptime while allowing capacity growth

Easily support more sites, users and applications with the same network resources.

Use Cases & Features


Skype for Business & UC

In a connected and collaborative world, the efficiency of your users depends on the Quality of Experience of their business critical applications over the WAN.
That means you need solutions that deliver true digital transformation in manufacturing

Enable effective collaboration for your users by guaranteeing the quality of VoIP calls and videoconferencing while authorizing webcams and desktop sharing without impact. Leverage your Hybrid WAN dynamically, using all available MPLS/Internet links and get easy global visibility/troubleshooting on UC performance across your WAN.

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Office 365 & Cloud Migration

Beyond the technical challenges, rapid user adoption is crucial to the success of your Office 365 & Cloud migration projects.

Ensure quick adoption of Office 365 or any Cloud based application and reduce deployment time of your SaaS applications by three months. Decrease your number of incident calls by 50 percent and monitor/troubleshoot usage and performance of SaaS apps in real-time, globally and per site.

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ERP, CRM & Business Applications

Both the Operational Efficiency and Excellence of your company depend on your fundamental business processes supported by mission-critical applications.

Guarantee the productivity of your staff by maximizing end-user’s experience of ERPs & CRMs across your WAN and make sure your business-critical applications are always prioritized. Protect your end-users from suspicious activities and attacks by using complex and sensitive applications like ERP.


Business Continuity

Your company cannot suffer revenue losses, either from production being halted by network issues or applications suffering from brownout conditions.

Keep your production going during network outages or congestions by using redundant and resilient architectures to keep your mission-critical applications up and running with the most robust performance across the WAN.