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Connectivity is enabling automotive transformation

It’s exciting how much change and innovation connectivity is bringing to automotive and transportation — digital life experience in cars, business applications, automation.   

We all know from our smartphone experiences that wireless connectivity can have coverage gaps and data performance variability. So, as an automotive OEM or fleet connectivity provider how do you prepare to address poor connectivity issues when they impact your connected cars and applications.

Infovista brings its experience in wireless testing and monitoring to the connected car. Providing monitoring and visibility that can quickly alert you to connectivity issues – together with data and insights into problem cause – reducing time and cost to repair and avoiding negative customer experiences and reviews.  

The same connectivity monitoring can also be leveraged to enhance your commercial relationship with mobile network operators – providing a commercial feedback loop for SLA monitoring and to help assure the connected car experience.

Key Benefits

Faster problem identification/resolution and reduced warranty costs

Faster problem identification/resolution and reduced warranty costs

Gain visibility and identify quickly when and where connectivity issues arise – then leverage monitoring data to reduce time for diagnosis and repair. Benefits include repair cost reduction, improved customer satisfaction and minimization of lost monetization revenue. Avoid letting your automotive brand be tarnished by customer dissatisfaction caused by connectivity issues.

De-risk connected car and fleet application deployment with predictive connectivity

De-risk connected car and fleet application deployment with predictive connectivity

Deploy connected applications with confidence using predictive connectivity data and simulation to understand application performance in advance. Design connected automotive applications that are resilient or which can use predictive connectivity information to know if connectivity on the road ahead can be trusted.

Improve connected car and fleet application performance and customer satisfaction

Improve connected car and fleet application performance and customer satisfaction

Avoid business disruption from applications that cant connect effectively and customer dissatisfaction by correlating application performance and connectivity for insights into where and how often applications are not working effectively. Use that feedback to improve application design and reliability.

Maximize benefit from connected environment

Maximize benefit from connected environment

Differentiate your vehicle performance and application experience. Effectively leverage connectivity for background tasks that enhance car performance and the automotive experience. Minimize OTA failures by identifying the best “time and location” for execution and maximize visibility into opportunities to improve auto performance through telemetry uploads.

Use Cases & Features

Project status monitoring & control

Connectivity Monitoring

Monitor radio performance and network access in each vehicle for early visibility into connectivity issues. Data that aids in problem investigation, assignment and root cause analysis. Know who to send the trouble ticket to.

Traffic Overview

Mobile Network Operator SLA Management

Monitor cellular performance over all of your vehicles over time – collecting data for SLA validation and leverage in getting problems addressed.


Predictive Connectivity

Connected mobility application planning and pre-launch performance assessment. Know how well applications will work and where and when they might not – before you launch.

Network services testing & acceptance

TCU performance testing

Test and monitor TCU cellular performance during pre-launch assessment testing and validation. Early visibility into TCU issues in both pre-launch and production vehicles. Identify hardware and software problems early, including from upgrades.