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March 2020 | Executive Briefing

Infovista business continuity for COVID-19

Plan Overview

Infovista is committed to keeping our operations running smoothly so that we can provide you with the best service possible. It’s our priority to identify — and mitigate — the technological, environmental, process, and health risks that may get in the way of providing services to you. In light of the COVID-19 situation, we have enabled our pandemic Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The plan is a living process continually refined based on the actual situation on the ground as different countries change their responses to the COVID-19 virus.

Our BCP was developed with the following priority actions:

  • Protect our employees based on guidelines & recommendations from global & local health authorities (e.g. CDC, WHO) and governments.
  • Set up cross functional response team, chaired by our CEO, covering all relevant operational work streams.
  • Build a contingency plan and ensure financial stability.
  • Stabilize our supply chain from short-term, to medium-term, to long-term strategy.
  • Stay in close communication with customers and prioritize supporting activity for both service and sales.
  • Test the contingency plan with executive team leaders and define activation protocols for different phases of response.
  • Adapt and adjust as the situation evolves.

Plan Owner and Governance

The pandemic business continuity plan is run by the Infovista Executive Committee (Exco) and chaired by the CEO. All members of the Exco participate in weekly meetings with a prioritized list of activities managed on an agile basis. The team can hold extraordinary meetings if developments occur that require immediate attention. We have established a Crisis Management cross-functional team to develop plans & policies, track the execution of defined priorities, and provide information to leaders, managers, and front-line employees regarding COVID-19.

The key tenants of the COVID-19 BCP are to maintain operational capability, staff well-being, and customer satisfaction.

People and Operations

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Staff well-being

Infovista is committed to supporting the health and well-being of our employees and their families around the world. Our main objective is to keep all our staff safe and protect their jobs. To that end, we have updated our BCP and have been very proactive in protecting all employees.

We are also helping all colleagues to stay engaged and productive in the current situation. As we already have all online/teleworking tools up and working for years, this shift of paradigm is so far positive. Our teams are well equipped to serve our partners and customers remotely, without interruption or disruption using tools from multiple major collaboration solution providers.

Project status monitoring & control

Office management when within a pandemic

During this pandemic, we have shifted our workforce to operate primarily from home and have stopped most employee travel. We have made critical business operations teams, including finance, logistics, customer support, and IT work in redundant A/B groups, to ensure we have complete business continuity from our main offices.

Our IT systems are primarily cloud-based from the major providers in the industry, and we work with multiple collaboration systems from several different service providers. Our supply chain and logistics continue to operate within normality, with excess capacity in our global centers (Dubai, France, and the US). Employees who must be on-site are applying social distancing and hygiene protocols based on guidance from the national health authorities.

Competitive Benchmarking

IT continuity

Our IT is ensuring all our functions (Customer support, Professional Services, Supply Chain, and Sales) can provide the same levels of services remotely. This provides our teams with the ability to maintain or increase the level of engagement we have with our clients and quickly respond to new needs arising from the current situation.

Support and Sales


Production and engineering continuity

With the objective of having no impact on software deliveries and engineering development, the process to download our current versions and patches remain available on the different delivery platforms as per regular operation.

Network troubleshooting & optimization

Customer support continuity

Worldwide Customer Support is fully operational to support you during the crisis. There are no functional changes to phone support, our Customer Portal, or email support.

To protect our employees, all our worldwide support members are now working remotely, leveraging virtual desktop and cloud-based applications.

Remote Work

Sales continuity

Our field teams are well-equipped to continue operating in a work-from-home scenario with the necessary tools and systems to interact regularly and as needed with customers and partners. We have granted our field teams extensive commercial flexibility to help navigate spikes in customer and partner demand.

For the safety of our customers, partners, our employees, and considering national confinement rules around the world, we are limiting the travel of our professional services consultants.

At the same time, we are reinforcing existing engagements remotely for the different phases of the project delivery. We are leveraging video meetings, remote deployment via VPN access to ensure project delivery continuity.


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We are proactively communicating all the actions we are taking to ensure business continuity (Sales, Consulting, Customer Service), including scheduled video sales calls. We have enabled escalations directly from our website to resolve any service issues rapidly.

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We are proactively communicating with partners all the actions we are taking to ensure business continuity while obtaining the commitment and Business Continuity Plans from them to make sure they are equally well prepared to serve our joint customers. We have Partner and Channel managers in constant contact with our counterparts at each organization.

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Internal communications

We have established direct communication channels (All Hands, Teams group, Yammer, and others) dedicated to COVID-19 related topics. We have increased our frequency of communication, and are updating policies and procedures in an agile manner during this time. We believe over-communicating in a crisis is the best way to manage and align all parties in our ecosystem.

Further Information

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