Xeus Pro Earns Two Awards for Network Optimization Excellence

Affandy Johan
Jul. 9 2014

Mobile operators, are you leveraging call trace data in your network optimization efforts? Aside from offering a way to drill down into and analyze subscribers' quality of service (QoS), call trace data can help you intelligently and cost-effectively optimize your networks.

Our software, Xeus Pro, has proven to be essential for this. Ninety-five percent of our customers using Xeus Pro agree, and have found that having access to this information is extremely valuable in their daily network optimization and QoS troubleshooting activities. In fact, 70 percent of mobile operators that purchased Xeus Pro did so with the goal of reducing network optimization costs and time.

The judges for this year's Network Products Guide Hot Products and Best Companies award program likewise applauded Xeus Pro's features! I am very pleased to share with you that our software has been awarded silver and gold in the “Network Management” and “Network Intelligence” categories, respectively.

Xeus Pro's recognition is well-deserved. To ensure they can support network capacity and bandwidth requirements from growing mobile data usage, mobile operators must find a way to balance maintaining the best possible QoS and quality of experience (QoE) with keeping OPEX and CAPEX in check. Xeus Pro has proven to help them seamlessly achieve that balance. In fact, Xeus Pro is commonly recognized for its flexibility — compared to competing server-based solutions, Xeus Pro's desktop platform is extremely versatile and easy to use.

One of Xeus Pro's most valuable features is its ability to translate service and subscriber information into actionable network intelligence. For instance, our customer CSL Limited was able to collect new and in-depth insights on their 3G and 4G networks that simply wouldn't be possible to access with other network measurement methods like KPI counters or field measurement tests.

We are very happy with the momentum we've seen around Xeus Pro thus far, and these recent award wins further validate our work in aiding mobile operators' network optimization efforts. If you're interested in learning more about Xeus Pro, please visit our website - a free trial is available for download.

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