Whitepaper: The Untapped Power of Geodata in Network Planning & Optimization


Advanced wireless network technologies are being deployed at unprecedented rates in order to keep up with ever-rising subscriber data demands, driven by data-hungry devices. According to the 2013 Cisco VNI report, smartphones represented only 18 percent of total global handsets in use in 2012, but represented 92 percent of total global handset traffic – they are generating 50 times more mobile data traffic than basic phones. Network design and network optimization software has had to keep up with the fast pace of new technology to best serve wireless operators that are looking to strategically plan and build out network capacity while maintaining a high quality of experience (QoE) for their customers.

Good, up-to-date geodata is critical for wireless operators to cost-efficiently and accurately model radio wave propagations and ensure the precision of wireless operators' network planning. Over the years, however, the geodata used within network design software has largely remained the same: a layer of elevation data combined with a clutter layer and perhaps 3D building polygons for dense city areas. CityScapes HD brings a new option to the table with some very attractive properties for cities and their surroundings, including exceptional propagation accuracy that is cost-effective and does not require extensive drive tests for model tuning.

Visit our Geodata product page to learn how our telecom-grade geodata bridges the gap between 2D and 3D network design environments by accounting for building heights and vegetation that may impact propogation characteristics.

This whitepaper compares Cityscapes HD geodata with the typical 2D medium-resolution data that wireless operators have relied on for so long in their network planning and design efforts. It makes clear the differences between what wireless operators have had to work with in the past and what they have access to today, as well as get an understanding of the business case for CityScapes HD data.

For more information on network planning and network optimization solutions and the Mentum Geodata portfolio, click here.


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