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What Makes a “Carrier Ethernet Service Innovator”? Infovista Can Tell You…


For an organization to be considered an innovator in any industry, its services need to have a leg up on the competition. The trouble is, it's not always easy to glean complete insight into the strengths and weaknesses of competitors' business strategies and services.

To help today's Carrier Ethernet (CE) service providers, telcos and cables MSOs figure out how they stack up against competitors, we put together an interactive survey on relevant industry topics. For instance, we've asked participants to explain how heavily they weigh industry certifications, and whether they are in the minority or majority in meeting CE standards like MEF.

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The five minute survey allows players across the CE ecosystem to dive in and not only share insights into their service approach, but also compare and contrast their services to other CE players in a supportive manner. Whether they've just signed a massive backhaul deal with a wireless operator, or are competing in the lucrative business services market, Infovista's survey will offer CE players a helpful ranking of their service delivery capabilities in a collaborative environment with industry peers.

More importantly, businesses are able to see how customers outside of their client-base are communicating their attitudes toward CE standards and whether or not the demand has influenced business.

This survey also allows businesses to take a deeper dive into how they are managing their services, including how different members of the industry are monetizing CE or whether or not everyone is providing real-time SLA visibility. By using the results of this survey as a benchmark, CE service providers, telcos and cable MSOs can feel empowered to take action in a way that helps their service delivery capabilities stick out from the pack.

Between now and mid-April, take part in our quick, interactive survey to get instant insight into whether you are a CE initiator, challenger, leader or innovator. In addition to gaining helpful guidance for your CE strategy, you'll also be entered into a drawing to win an Apple Watch just by answering our questions in five minutes or less.

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