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Webinar: Successfully Assuring Performance for Increasingly Complex Networks

Sergio Zveibil
May. 12 2016

Building out and assuring mobile backhaul has always been a challenge for mobile network operators (MNOs). This process requires coordinating a litany of mobile technologies, vendors and topologies to guarantee that subscriber QoS is on par with customer expectations.

But MNOs are on the verge of facing a more challenging backhaul scenario than ever before. Subscriber performance expectations are currently at an all-time high as customers become increasingly dependent on mobile network availability. Compounding this is the onset of 5G technology, which will add another layer onto already complex backhaul networks.

InfoVista-Email-header-V1One ofthe challenges with incorporating 5G into the mobile backhaul fold is that MNOs will still need to assure the performance of legacy technology, such as 2G, 3G, 4G and modern deployments including LTE-A and VoLTE as 5G comes online. MNOs will also have to make sure that voice and data services are equally assured under this scenario in order to maintain vital revenue streams. Doing so will require the introduction of new small cells and potentially C-RAN, which will in turn require that operators have greater visibility into their networks than ever before and the ability to troubleshoot and execute changes to the network in near real time.

A unified backhaul solution that puts the entire backhaul network into a singular view is the only way for MNOs to successfully navigate this new backhaul environment. There are inherently a number of business and technical challenges associated with this approach, however, that if not executed correctly could be a CAPEX and OPEX drain.

For MNOs looking for ways to troubleshoot the next wave of backhaul challenges, Infovista and Telecoms.com have partnered to host a webinar that delves into the issue of backhaul, both for existing mobile networks and the networks of the future. Product Marketing Manager Sergio Zveibil of Infovista will be speaking during the webinar alongside Monica Paolini, founder and president of Senza Fili, to discuss the challenges facing network operations and engineering teams today. Perhaps more importantly, both speakers will discuss the solutions to problems MNOs are currently facing and will come into contact with in the very near future.

This webinar will be taking place on Tuesday, May 17, live at 10 a.m. in London, 11 a.m. in Paris and 5 p.m. in Singapore. Register here to reserve your spot and learn how to address some of the biggest performance challenges facing operators today.

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