Webinar Invitation to RAN Engineers: Optimize LTE-Advanced Deployments

Regis Lerbour
Sep. 30 2013

Today, most subscribers assess their mobile service based on its performance, and if the quality of service (QoS) doesn't meet their standards, there's a good chance they'll churn. Therefore, mobile operators must actively improve network coverage and capacity in order to maintain high QoS and keep subscribers happy. This, however, is a challenge with continued growing mobile data usage and network saturation, preventing operators from expanding their subscriber bases, conflicting with immediate needs and making future planning efforts increasingly difficult.

Many mobile operators are finding a solution for growing network congestion in LTE-Advanced, which can offset capacity demand and therefore better ensure adequate QoS. To support this, mobile operators will need to accelerate and streamline their  LTE-Advanced deployments, requiring effective, end-to-end network planning.

Infovista, in conjunction with Telecoms.com, will address this issue and explain how mobile operators can turn things around, improving LTE-Advanced network and service performance and reaping many other business benefits, in a webinar on Tuesday, October 8th at 11 a.m. EDT / 4 p.m. BST. I will demonstrate how RAN engineers, specifically, can strategically plan next-generation multiple antenna rollouts (MIMO), increase peak data rates and optimize small cell ROI to better ensure a high quality LTE-Advanced experience for subscribers.

I invite you to register here and join me for this free one-hour webinar. Your feedback is most welcome in the “Comments” section below, or you can connect with me over LinkedIn.

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