Webinar: Bridging the RAN Planning and Optimization Gap with Planet 6

Affandy Johan
Jun. 15 2016

To ensure high quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers, mobile network planners need to be fully cognizant of live network and subscriber intelligence and traffic distribution at the earliest stages of radio network planning. In fact, real-world subscriber and traffic data needs to be incorporated at every level of the plan-build-operate radio access network (RAN) lifecycle in order to best execute network densification and optimization efforts.

Any inconsistencies between the planned network additions or upgrades with live network informationwill inevitably result in a lag on the RAN lifecycle, which will trickle down to the subscriber. Network capabilities can better meet subscriber demands if operators can manage traffic with real-world measurements and predictions.

Infovista's Planet 6, the newest 64-bit version of our unified RF planning and optimization software, gives mobile network planners access to highly-accurate subscriber and network data no matter where they are in the RAN lifecycle. With insight into traffic peaks and lulls and weak spots in the RAN, mobile network operators can better prepare for future strains on the network that could compromise subscriber QoE, and accelerate troubleshooting efforts accordingly.

The mobile market is now more crowded than ever, so retaining and nurturing subscribers is a top priority for operators that want to retain their share of the landscape. A lag in service or a lack of QoE could make or break a high-value relationship, driving subscribers into the arms of competing services when expectations aren't met.

On Wednesday, June 22nd, Infovista will be hosting a live webinar targeted at APAC nations, “Bridging the RAN Planning and Optimization Gap with Planet 6,” to explore how Planet 6 can unite teams to better orchestrate the plan-build-operate workflow. We'll also be hosting a second webinar targeted at EMEA and the Americas on June 23.

In the webinar, we'll explore how Planet 6 can not only bridge the planning and optimization gap, but also help mobile operators accelerate the time-to-market for new, high-value mobile services by coordinating live measurement data behind the scenes. Along with enabling the fast introduction of new services, Planet 6 enables operators to maximize ROI by accurately planning and deploying small cells. This results in better traffic management that can be mitigated to prioritize VIP subscribers while also aiding in network densification.

The June 22 webinar will take place at the following times for these three key markets:

Jakarta — 10:00 am

Singapore — 11:00 am

Sydney — 1:00 pm

The June 23 webinar will take place at:

New York -- 10:00 am

London -- 3:00 pm

Paris -- 4:00 pm

Planet 6 can help pave the way for exceptional subscriber QoE while helping to ensure the ROI for network planning and optimization initiatives that will ensure service meets expectations. Sign up today to reserve your spot and learn more about Planet 6.

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