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VTC: Infovista R&D Team Puts Network Planning Innovation Center Stage


The Infovista Research & Development (R&D) team has been on the road the last few months, presenting research papers at the last two IEEE Vehicular Technology Conferences (VTCs). Wireless and mobile innovation, and the ways in which each are vital in an increasingly digital and connected world, proved to be a common theme at both events.

The first presentation, which took place in Vancouver in September at the VTC Fall 2014 event, featured Infovista system engineer Faris Alfarhan sharing his paper, “Analysis of Practical Frequency Selective Scheduling (FSS) Algorithms in LTE Networks.”

After identifying several FSS algorithms and studying their performance under a number of factors, Faris used LTE system level simulations in order to statistically quantify the FSS gains to an average gain of 12 percent in cellular throughput. This is an important new feature in Mentum Planet, our mobile network planning and network optimization solution.
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Then, in May, Razvan Trifan, also an Infovista system engineer, presented on “Mirroring LTE Scheduler Performance with an Adaptive Simulation Model” at VTC Spring 2015 in Glasgow.

Razvan explained a research project he's participating in involving the future of radio network testing and optimization, called 4G IN VITRO. His research found that most existing scheduling algorithms can be accurately represented by a single adaptive model in a planning tool, facilitating LTE network performance estimation across a variety of network configurations and environments.

These are just two examples of Infovista's recent engagements with the scientific community, mobile operators and other industry stakeholders all around the world.

Just last month, we also wrapped up TM Forum Live! in Nice, where we engaged in conversations with communications service providers (CSPs) about how connectivity enables our digital society, as well as Infovista's recent acquisition of Ipanema.

If you'd like to see more Infovista executives in action at industry conferences, here are some valuable online resources:

To learn more about Infovista's R&D activities, as well hear about my recent lecture at Eurecom, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, or meet Infovista at events we're attending later this year.

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