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Vlog: How Service Differentiation Can Accelerate Carrier Ethernet Revenue


Due to the rise of ‘dumb pipes,' communications service providers (CSPs) need to ensure the delivery of high-bandwidth and high-quality service to end-users and can thus accelerate Carrier Ethernet revenue. By combining service-level specifications and bandwidth profiles of Carrier Ethernet with service quality visualization, operators can ensure a high quality of experience (QoE) for end users and ensure that service expectations are consistently met, if not exceeded.

There are many ways for a CSP to differentiate their services, including offering something unique and different from competitors to generate revenue. In fact, this is critical to customers' QoE. CSPs must implement service differentiation, which allows them to increase competitive service offerings, minimize churn and boost revenue.

There are three kinds of service differentiators that CSPs can employ: price, performance and offering. It's important for a CSP to incorporate all three of these aspects because it will allow them to offer better quality and more cost-effective Carrier Ethernet.

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