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Unified Network Planning, Network Optimization and Service Assurance for LTE

Andre Sequerah
Nov. 17 2014

As of earlier this year, mobile operators across more than 100 countries have adopted LTE, motivated by the opportunity to gain additional network capacity and ensure faster speeds for subscribers. In the U.S. alone, mobile operators will spend an estimated $138 billion on LTE networks over the next five years to continue delivering on those initiatives.

Yet, despite the deployment of next-generation 4G/LTE networks, mobile operators will still be faced with the challenge of keeping quality of service (QoS) consistent and delivering the best possible quality of experience (QoE) for end users, while keeping OPEX and CAPEX for these new networks at a minimum.

If an integrated network planning and optimization practice is adopted early on, mobile operators will see better results with their 4G/LTE deployments. This is an important step in improving the efficiency of mobile operators' PLAN-BUILD-OPERATE cycles, which are becoming increasingly important with new 4G/LTE deployments.

Additionally, by gaining an end-to-end view of all the subscribers relying on their networks, and the performance each is experiencing, mobile operators will be better equipped to improve network efficiency and ensure holistic network performance. Mobile operators will also be able to apply this real-time, predictive network intelligence to make better use of their existing network assets, thereby improving CAPEX and OPEX efficiency.

Over the next month, Infovista will be presenting on the importance of unified network planning, optimization and service assurance for LTE networks. First, join us this week at LTE Africa 2014, where Infovista's Astrid Wastegard will be participating in a panel discussion, "Highlighting the Importance of Gaining Consumer Insight & Managing Network Performance for QoE." You can also stop by our booth (#C15b) to learn more how Infovista is working with customers in the region to improve mobile network performance.

We'll also be presenting at LTE North America 2014 (Booth #59g), November 18-20 in Dallas. During that event, Bernard Breton will be participating in a panel discussion, "Performance Optimization in Mobile Networks."

To arrange one-on-one meetings with Astrid and Bernard at this month's LTE events, please contact Dina Rodrigues at drodrigues@infovista.com.

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