TM Forum Catalyst Will Reveal the Blueprint for Zero Touch Network as a Service

Christopher Cullan
May. 21 2015

What form will the future of networking take? It's a question the community constantly asks itself and doesn't shy away from.

Look no further than TM Forum's Catalyst Program for tangible answers to this question by the industry's ecosystem. The Catalyst initiative encourages digital and communications service providers (CSPs) and other ecosystem players to develop innovative solutions to address specific industry problems and needs. Every six months, new Catalyst projects are developed, culminating in live proof-of-concept showcases at TM Forum events, and Infovista is excited to participate in the next one at TM Forum Live! this June in Nice, France.

As part of the upcoming Catalyst Program, Infovista will present with Axtel, Charter Communications, Juniper, MEF, Oracle Communications, and PCCW Global. The companies will show how CSPs, achieve end-to-end network-as-a-service delivery that is fully (and automatically) assured. Furthermore, with support from Juniper, the Catalyst will include NFV as part of the network service to help realize the potential of software-centric network services. The Catalyst will demonstrate full integration of networking functions, including on-demand network connectivity, zero-touch service orchestration and assurance, and decoupled, layered architecture that aligns to the principles of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV).

We will also share their blueprint for full Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) orchestration and demonstrate how to achieve business agility, and a radically simplified user experience, in this new service environment.
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This Catalyst is based on a successful network-as-a-service proof of concept performed Infovista previously performed with Oracle Communications. As part of MEF's GEN14 event last fall, Infovista and Oracle Communications participated in the Proof of Concept Showcase and presented "Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) Orchestrated and Assured," which showed how NaaS service packages could potentially include service orchestration, automated provisioning elements and services defined by SDN/NFV.

This demonstration also caught the attention of Stratecast, whose new report, “Innovation in An Industry in Flux — Global Operations and Monetization 10 to Watch in 2015,” acknowledged Infovista for its commitment to supporting CSPs in their efforts to assure end-to-end network and service performance within virtual network environments. Specifically, Stratecast named Infovista for its guidance on how to manage the NFV fabric as a whole and ensure the quality of multi-network service chains, a part of Infovista's Performance Assurance Maturity Model.

The recognition from Stratecast builds further momentum behind Infovista's Performance Assurance Maturity Model — momentum that will continue this June at TM Forum Live!, and we will continue the evolution of this proof of concept in Dallas at GEN15, November 16-19.

To get an idea of what to expect during Infovista's Catalyst presentation, see our post previewing our GEN14 presentation, “First Carrier Ethernet 2.0, Now NaaS: Is the Third Network Real?”

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