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Telstra Names Infovista as Key Partner in the Development of Its Application Assured Networking Service


By Geoff Andrews, Vice President, Sales, Japan, Australian & New Zealand, Infovista

As you may know, Telstra has been pretty busy increasing its visibility in the enterprise space. Recently, the company launched its in-network intelligent reporting solution, the Application Assured Networking (AAN) service. AAN, an enterprise IP offering supplied by Alcatel-Lucent, aims to strengthen the performance of cloud-based and virtual private network (VPN) services for enterprise customers.

AAN enables enterprise customers to ensure the quality of service (QoS) of business-critical applications. Its features are intended to make it easier for IT managers to manage their networks and their performance. Furthermore, Telstra's solution eliminates the need for enterprises to buy additional performance monitoring hardware.

We are very pleased to say that along with Alcatel-Lucent, Telstra cited Infovista as a key partner for this first phase of the AAN release, as we will provide customer reporting. At Infovista, we deliver network performance management solutions that offer our customers the highest level of visibility of traffic over their networks, so it was a seamless partnership. In addition to increased visibility, the service provides IT executives with much-needed control that has come under threat due to the consumerization of IT and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trends, according to this article from Technology Spectator.

In the same article, Telstra's director of IP and data, John Ieraci, says that “the service isn't geared to keeping wayward employees in check but rather give IT managers a clear picture of their wide area networks (WANs). The plan is to tie as many capabilities as it can into the core network so that customers can buy networking and unified communications services from the cloud in a virtualized way.”

Nine organizations have already signed up to use the service, and the second phase of the launch is scheduled for later this year. Telstra cites that Juniper and Cisco will play a role in phase two. We wish Telstra continued success and are pleased to partner with them on this exciting initiative!

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