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Subscriber-Aware Performance Assurance: Prioritizing Troubleshooting and Improving QoE

Sergio Zveibil
Apr. 6 2015

When it comes to maintaining a high quality of experience (QoE) for end users, mobile operators know there are gaps in their processes. Their goal may be to quickly identify and correct flaws before they reach customers, in the form of network performance degradation or downtime, but since many operators lack the proper service assurance tools and practices, these problems often become constant.

But what if mobile operators could think about performance in the context of customers? What if they could apply the principles of service assurance to smaller groups and then drill down to individual data for troubleshooting purposes, instead of merely looking at the network level?

Subscriber-aware performance assurance allows mobile operators to be more proactive, and to address red flags in QoS for VIP subscribers, for whom troubleshooting can then be prioritized. This way, operators would be able to avoid reacting to problems only after network performance indicators begin to trend downward.

A New Approach to QoE Monitoringiphone

A granular approach to subscriber monitoring isn't really that far of a stretch. Some mobile operators are now able to gather and process ubiquitous information about groups of subscribers. All that information is a gold mine for mobile operators — it can be leveraged to understand traffic profiles, where subscribers use their connected devices, which services they're using, as well as why and when. Subscriber monitoring allows mobile operators to proactively detect and alert the customers before subscribers complain, and then prioritize troubleshooting of high-value subscribers, whose churn would bring the most harm to a mobile operator's bottom line.

Once mobile operators are able to monitor subscribers' service quality, rather than just network quality, they can raise the bar for their service level agreements (SLAs), thereby promising a higher level of service to their VIP subscribers.

Mobile operators really can't go wrong if they turn their attention to subscriber-aware performance assurance and proactively addressing QoS issues.

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