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In this month's roundup of industry news, issues and updates, we feature articles about managing mobile bandwidth consumption, small cell backhaul and Carrier Ethernet growth. Enjoy!

SearchConsumerization: Limiting Mobile Bandwidth Consumption to Improve Network Performance — October 1st 

A Cisco survey reported that the average consumer owns three connected devices. In a small area network, such as an office, many devices accessing the same network can cause an overload, making the network connections less efficient. There are a number of ways to limit and monitor this consumption and, therefore, ensure network performance for consumers accessing the Internet through wireless access points or LANs, such as upgrading older access points or limiting which applications and IP ports can access the network.

Light Reading: NLoS Backhaul Needed for Small Cells — October 16th

Outdoor small cell deployments are an ongoing process for many mobile operators, and for those that do not have access to existing fiber links, they often struggle to deploy high-capacity small cells that are not affected by expanding city infrastructure. To help with this process, true “non-line of-sight” (NLoS), an instance when a wireless link is completely blocked, and frequency reuse — that is, a wireless link at full capacity using frequency from a local hub — can help. Using an existing frequency lowers network investments while maximizing resources. Together, these two strategies can reduce the capacity challenges that are caused by existing structures, as well as reuse existing resources when setting up wireless connections.

Fierce Telecom: Ethernet will contribute over 75% of business bandwidth by 2017, VSG says — October 24th

Carrier Ethernet is rapidly surpassing other business access services to provide additional bandwidth to meet businesses' demands, and is expected to make up 75 percent of global bandwidth by 2017. As more and more enterprises develop a wide global footprint, it is increasingly important to have a fast and efficient way to share information internally. For example, in order for VPNs to properly send and share files, there must be enough bandwidth to do so. Telcos, cable operators and CLECs are continuing to improve this to optimize the business customer experience.

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