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Marc Lippe
Apr. 29 2013

By Marc Lippe, Director, Worldwide Field and Corporate Marketing, Infovista

In this month's roundup of industry news, issues and updates, we feature the revenue increase in the mobile backhaul market, LTE's ability to reduce the downward trend in RAN CAPEX, and the economic challenges within the telco market.

RCR Wireless NewsMobile backhaul market tops $8B in 2012— April 3rd

The continued growth of mobile broadband deployments led the mobile backhaul market to surpass $8 billion in revenue in 2012 alone. Infonetics stated that the largest contributors to this revenue spike were microwave solutions, which are predicted to account for more than 56 percent of the total mobile backhaul market by 2017. In addition, small cell backhaul equipment revenue is expected to be a significant contributor to this revenue total in the coming years.

FierceBroadbandWireless — LTE reversing downward trend in RAN CAPEX — April 19th

According to ABI Research, the deployment of LTE in developing countries like Sri Lanka and Rwanda is helping to improve the market for new base stations. As a whole, investments in 3G RAN are falling globally, and although LTE expansion to developing nations will not completely compensate for the loss in 3G capital, it is definitely picking up the slack and slowing the decline. ABI also predicts LTE will further boost operator CAPEX in the years to come.

Total Telecom — Friday Review: Chasing rainbows — April 26nd

One of the most important topics discussed at Breakfast with Total Telecom this month was the number of telco providers worldwide that are struggling with the economics of delivering profitable enterprise services to corporate clients with tight budgets. To solve this problem, telcos can either lessen their services and offer lower prices, or target a smaller number of companies with larger budgets allocated to communications, security and cloud services. Robert Kelly, EMEA vice president at Oracle explains how convincing companies to spend money on new services is easier said than done. He goes on to explain, "CIOs will say 'I've got no money, so don't talk to me unless you've got something that aligns with my massively constrained and declining budget'."

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