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Solution Snapshot: Application Visibility Services in Action

Sunil Mandya
Sep. 24 2013

As enterprises become increasingly reliant on cloud-based applications, communications service providers (CSPs) are well-positioned to leverage this to tap into new revenue streams.

The videos embedded below illustrate how CSPs can utilize Infovista's Application Visibility Services (AVS) to help enterprises maximize the value of their virtual private networks (VPNs) over IP networks. In a matter of minutes, IT managers can identify latency type, severity and origin, right down to specific individuals using unwanted, bandwidth-intensive applications that slow down the rest of their networks.

By allowing enterprises to drill down to the core of any application performance problem, CSPs deliver a value-added service that not only drastically reduces troubleshooting time while improving overall efficiency and productivity, but does so with ease.

Check out the videos below, and as well as our recent webinar, “How to Increase Business Services Revenue for CSPs with Application Visibility.” And as always, feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions about Infovista's AVS solutions.

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