Siradel and Infovista partner to accelerate planning and roll-out of 5G networks

David Nathan
Jul. 7 2021

New collaboration offers ability to combine Infovista’s leading-edge Planet solution for radio frequency planning and optimization and the market-leading Volcano propagation model from Siradel

With 5G, operators and vendors face significant engineering challenges due to the additional technical complexity of their networks, such as deployment of new frequency bands (like the sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave bands), M-MIMO and much higher site density to cope with various 5G quality and capacity objectives.

As a consequence, 5G wireless network planning requires the most relevant data and highly accurate radio modelling that guarantee radio network design quality indoor and outdoor from day 1, as well as the expected performance and customer experience.

Leveraging their respective expertise and recognized leadership, Siradel and Infovista are collaborating to offer the ability to combine their solutions to accelerate 5G network rollouts, enabling high accuracy even in the highest 5G frequency bands.

Based on the Siradel’s 25 years’ experience in geodata production and radio engineering, the Volcano propagation model can simulate any wireless network cellular technology, including 5G and millimeter wave.

With 30 years of innovations in RF planning, network modelling and optimization, Infovista’s Planet technology helps make the best wireless design decisions to positively impact on network quality. Now integrating automation and live data feeds at the very heart of its planning functions, Planet greatly simplifies the way networks can be planned. It thus reduces the operating costs related to planning and optimization, while improving the reliability of wireless network designs.

“We are excited about this new partnership as we strongly believe this will bring a real added value to the market,” said Sylvain Aubin, Infra Network Design Director at SIRADEL. “Leveraging its 3D ray tracing capabilities, Volcano provides unrivalled accuracy with the fastest computation time, required for large-scale and automated network planning.” With this collaboration, Infovista and Siradel are ready to accompany wireless carriers on their journey towards 5G.

“The ability to combine Volcano and Planet offers operators an additional way to ensure their radio networks perform as intended,” said Régis Lerbour, VP Product and R&D for Radio Engineering at Infovista. “In the context of 5G, where the number of cells to plan significantly increases, Siradel and Infovista share the same willingness to accelerate deployment, improve network performance and lower costs.”

About Siradel

Working in 60+ countries for 25 years, Siradel offers a world-class portfolio of solutions including advanced, automated wireless propagation analysis and network planning solutions; RF consulting and measurement services; fit-for-purpose 2D and 3D maps for cities, territories and countries; and 3D digital twins of cities, collaborative and open 3D visualization platforms with simulation, GIS and big data capabilities for smarter infrastructure planning, decision-making and communications. Siradel works in collaboration with its parent organization, the Engie Group company, and others worldwide to provide innovative 5G and smart city solutions for telecom operators, public sector entities and all city stakeholders to make cities more sustainable, connected, resilient and attractive.

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About Infovista

Infovista, the global leader in network lifecycle automation, powers complex intelligent networks to ensure they deliver brilliant user experience, maximizing productivity and efficiency, securely. At the core of the company’s approach are automation and analytics, enabling Infovista software solutions to span the entire network lifecycle. From managing service legacy networks to optimizing 5G deployments, from providing applications visibility to securing and controlling the extended edge, Infovista helps Communications Service Providers and Enterprises to fully unlock their digital business potential. More than 1,700 customers, including 350 Mobile Network Operators, around the world rely on Infovista.

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