(Re)visiting the Ipanema System, the Only Fully Integrated & Automated System to Easily Guarantee Application Performance over your WAN

When complexity becomes too complex…

As businesses grow and become more complex, with multiple distributed branches, a growing number of users, and diverse applications and IT services, so too the complexity of the enterprise network increases. For an enterprise to be productive, access to business apps and services has to be simple and efficient.

But this is not always a straightforward task. Having excellent quality of experience on business apps anytime and from anywhere means being able to dynamically automate application performance priorities according to business priorities and orchestrate it on a global level for each individual site. It's exactly these real-life business concerns that our Ipanema System is designed to address, and this blog post aims to revisit exactly what we mean by Application Performance Guarantee and what it means for our customers.

Network over East AsiaAlign your network infrastructure with your business goals

To support economic growth and the strategic goals of your enterprise IT departments have to deal with new IT initiatives like Cloud/SaaS applications, Unified Communications, mobility and BYOD, and Big Data (BI). This growing number of applications also comes with an increasing number of potential issues for an organizations' network to cope with.

It's important to remember that everything relies on the network. If you can't rely on your network then you can't rely on your business applications. If your employees and customers can't expect good quality of service then this will seriously hinder any plans for growth.

What complicates the picture even further is that each site belonging to a certain business may have apps that need to not only communicate between it and the data centre, but also apps, which need to communicate between the branch sites themselves.

 This is where the Ipanema system comes into play offering full orchestration and automation…

Ipanema provides intelligence built in at every point in the network to make decisions on which apps to prioritize based on not only the needs of the specific site, but of the business as a whole. Global, fully integrated and automated, the Ipanema system orchestrates your application performance on all your distributed sites. By setting application objectives, organizations benefit from dynamic alignment of their application performance to their specific business priorities.

For example, if Ipanema has been taught that video-conferencing is of upmost importance to the running of a business, this will be the top priority, and the system will always protect this application against others less critical (such as YouTube videos), whatever the traffic conditions.

 In the end it's a question of control…

If you can see who is using what applications and for what purpose, you can set your application objectives to prioritize business critical apps. By having global control of your application performance you can guarantee that the end-user experience is sufficient to meet your business needs.

 And cost-effectiveness

The icing on the cake is that as well as being highly reliable, Ipanema is also the most cost-effective solution to manage large and complex networks with many distributed sites.


Key points from this post:

  • Businesses are growing more complex, and in turn, using more apps from diverse networks (MPLS, Internet, Ethernet, 3G/4G) than ever before. This means there is greater need for an efficient and reliable way to easily guarantee application performance.

  • The Ipanema system aligns IT with Business
    • Application-aware and objective-based, the Ipanema system dynamically aligns network resources with company's business priorities

  • The Ipanema system efficiently guarantees application performance globally
    • It not only reduces the response times of business applications but also guarantees consistent response times regardless of network topology and occurrences on the network
    • All the IT transformations and new usages (Lync, Google Apps, Office 365, Hybrid Networking, social media and video) are dynamically managed

  • The Ipanema system makes it simple to manage large & complex networks
    • Once the business objectives are centrally set, the system dynamically orchestrates 1000+ network sites to always reach expected level of service

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