Panel Video: Network Planning and Optimization for Broadband Networks


By Bernard Breton, SVP, Americas & APAC and Chief Marketing Officer, Infovista

This year at InfoVista's User Conference in Montreal, I was honored to host a panel on “Optimizing Capacity in Today's Broadband Networks.” I was joined by TeleWorld Solutions CEO Shervin Gerami, InfoVista CTO Yann Le Helloco and Bell Mobility RF Planning Engineer Charles Roy in an interesting discussion on the importance of network planning and design and network optimization.

As I mentioned during this panel, a recent survey found that nearly 80 percent of Mentum Planet users believe network optimization is one of the top three use cases of the Mentum Planet platform. That echoes much of what my fellow panelists are noticing in the industry, as network optimization and network planning and design blend together. As Le Helloco pointed out and Gerami echoed, these activities are so closely aligned because they tend to compensate for one another in that a poorly-planned network will need significant optimization.

I encourage you to watch the video featuring some of the key arguments made in the InfoVista User Conference panel. How do you think network planning and design and network optimization are evolving? What can we expect in the next three to five years, as demand for capacity continues to skyrocket and networks become increasingly complex?


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