Orange Business Services Maximize Ipanema's 2015 Kick-off Winning Partner of the Year Award

Last week in Meudon near Paris Ipanema's annual corporate kick-off took place. All of Ipanema's employees from around the globe (Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America) came in to share Ipanema's vision about Actionable Intelligence.

Actionable Intelligence, coupling the most advanced concepts of autonomic computing with advanced application performance management and analytics, implements and automates context-aware actions that transform data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into actions to maximize business performance.


Actionable Intelligence gives enterprises and communication service providers full control of their business applications performance to make smarter business decisions based on evidence, not on intuition.

We had the chance to have Alain Sausse, Global Product Manager from Orange Business Services who shared with us key achievements in terms of innovation and market penetration as well as 2 years ambition growth with Ipanema. In 2015, we will announce the 10th year anniversary of our strategic partnership and we are very proud of the winning innovative application performance solutions we've developed together to help enterprises succeed their digital transformation.

Alain explained the strong attraction they see from large and complex enterprises that need to regain control of the increasing IT complexity created by new end-user usages and digital applications. MS Lync, Office 365, GoogleApps, BYOD & BYOA, IoT, Video on Demand and Retail 2.0 create strong need to efficiently manage and take benefits of hybrid networking while being able to regain control over application visibility and governance.

During the gala dinner Orange Business Services won Partner Of The Year award and we wanted to take this opportunity to thanks all the team of Orange Business Services for their great job and strong collaboration during these past 10 years.

At the summit, Actionable Intelligence was on every lips .

To Regain control of new usages, predict evolutions, protect business productivity, rationalize IT resources and expenses, Actionable Intelligence will become vital.

Actionable intelligence corresponds to context-aware actions, transforming data into information, Information into knowledge and knowledge into actions to enhance business performance.

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