Mobile World Congress: Balancing Network Investments with Mobile Demand

Cyril Doussau
Mar. 24 2014

A few weeks ago, the telecom industry converged on Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, and the Infovista team was on-site to discuss the orchestration of optimal network performance across all domains of the ever growing network. We had a great time attending the keynotes, meeting with customers, prospects and partners, and demonstrating the power of our network planning, service assurance and network optimization products. We also had a chance to speak with some key thought leaders about the trends they're seeing in the mobile industry.

According to Patrick Donegan, senior analyst, and Dennis Mendyk, VP of research, both at Heavy Reading, operators are investing more heavily in their mobile networks to improve overall performance and meet consumers' growing demands. That includes working on network security, revitalizing mobile backhaul networks and, increasingly, virtualizing network components.

However, as my colleague, Vikas Trehan, pointed out, mobile operators must focus on balancing network growth with traffic while also containing costs. A big part of achieving this balance will be to leverage network optimization automation and other performance management solutions that help minimize the resources required to tune and manage mobile networks.

What trends do you believe were most talked about at Mobile World Congress? Leave a comment below, or on Infovista's LinkedIn page, and let's continue the discussion!
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