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Mentum Ellipse Update Brings New Layer of Intelligence to Mobile Backhaul Planning

Astrid Wastegård
May. 20 2015

With mobile traffic loads continuing to grow globally at a compound annual growth rate of 57 percent, the capacity requirements put on mobile backhaul have never been more challenging.. To meet subscribers' appetite for mobile data, mobile operators have grown their networks to become more complex and new, holistic approaches are required to cost efficiently ensure end-to-end capacity, quality and availability.

Microwave links continue to be a major backhaul solution, connecting around 50 percent of all radio sites worldwide. Microwave backhaul planning has, in many cases, been a silo activity with very limited input from the live network, similar to cell planning. By making it easy to leverage live network performance management data, microwave backhaul planning can be approached in new ways.  There are three main types of live network data that are especially of interest in the microwave backhaul planning process. These are:

  • Mobile traffic volume at each site
  • Network performance KPIs
  • Network configuration data

By making network performance management easily available from within planning tools, new efficient ways of working are enabled. Mobile operators can meet the evolving capacity demand throughout the transmission network in a timely manner. What's more, the live network performance KPIs and configuration settings can be checked versus planned performance and configurations in order to address performance issues before they seriously affect subscribers' quality of experience.
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To provide mobile operators access to live network performance data, we have launched Mentum Ellipse 8.5, a new version of our mobile backhaul network planning software. This software release allows mobile operators to integrate Mentum Ellipse with our end-to-end mobile network performance management solution. With that integration, they can feed current radio access network (RAN) traffic volumes and backhaul network configuration data into the network planning and optimization processes, to improve these efforts and ensure timely network investments. Mentum Ellipse 8.5 also allows mobile operators to compare planned and live network performance KPIs to proactively address quality and availability issues. From within Mentum Ellipse, mobile operators can keep track of live network KPIs such as UTR, ESR, SESR and BBER, or select any KPI from VistaInsight for Networks. It provides mobile operators new insights about their backhaul network, how it can be improved and ought to be built-out to keep up with the growing mobile traffic load. All of this while meeting quality and availability targets.

To learn more about these capabilities and other new features of Mentum Ellipse 8.5, join us for a webinar on Wednesday, May 27th at 9:00 a.m. ET / 3:00 p.m. CET. Register here!

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