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Massively densified networks. Why we need them and how we can build them.

Todd Cotts
Aug. 25 2016

Testing and monitoring in densified networks. A conversation with Todd Cotts, Product Marketing Manager, Infovista

Testing and monitoring in densified networks has to evolve to enable operators to understand network performance and to identify performance issues in networks that are more advanced but also more complex.

In this interview with RCR Wireless, Product Manager Todd Cotts discusses how testing and monitoring are changing, and how the TEMS portfolio can assist operators in planning their networks in this rapidly changing environment.

Watch the video interview as Todd Cotts discusses the growth in densified networks and explores these common questions from operators:

  • Is it the right place -- is it the right time for the solution?
  • Do I need a small cell, or do I need a DAS system?
  • Do I need DAS, or do I need Wi-Fi, or do I need both?
  • Where should I place them to make sure that my network is going to perform to the target expectations that I planned it to perform and meet those QoE expectations?


Watch the interview with Todd Cotts and Monica Paolini below.


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