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Managing the Explosion of Data with Service Assurance


By now, everyone is familiar with the data explosion brought on by mobile broadband users and signaling traffic. Clearly, a challenge exists to meet this extraordinarily high demand. However, meeting that challenge cannot be achieved by just adding bandwidth. It takes network and user intelligence, capacity planning, multivendor integration and, most of all, it takes network performance management systems to enable and measure the success of all these efforts.

In order to address this growth in network data, InfoVista is currently conducting a survey with Billing & OSS World to investigate the state of the market, and what strategies are being implemented to manage the transition to IP/Ethernet transport, backhaul and back-office systems to best meet the challenges and huge opportunities in this space.

If you have thoughts surrounding this topic, we invite you to respond to the survey, here. We're anxious to see the results!

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