Management World: Innovating Ahead of the Market

Cyril Doussau
May. 22 2012

By Cyril Doussau de Bazignan, Director of Product Marketing, Infovista

The first day's just ended at TM Forum's Management World in Dublin, Ireland, and we've already seen some exciting activity and announcements here. The first keynote session on Tuesday included presentations from TM Forum executives, a panel involving JP Morgan and Heavy Reading's Graham Finnie and a discussion on telecom strategy with the CEO of Eircom. We are also still basking in the glow of Infovista's Pipeline Innovation Award win on Monday night — lots going on here in Dublin!

TM Forum Chairman Keith Willetts had some particularly interesting comments during his keynote about the evolution of the digital world, predicting a massive change in the way that people connect and businesses operate. This will likely result in a huge turnover in market leadership, similar to the industry shift we witnessed when the Internet first emerged.

According to Mr. Willetts, the “winners” of this turnover will be those who can grow quickly and adapt their business model to the new digital environment. On the other hand, companies that ignore the changing tides and don't adjust to new customer demands for cost-efficient, flexible services and solutions will see rapidly decreasing revenues.

Infovista has been innovating this space for more than 17 years now, offering solutions for business service providers and mobile network operators (MNOs) to improve performance management and service assurance of networks and applications. While it's notably difficult to predict where the market is headed in the coming months, if not years, there will certainly be an increased focus on customer experience management, as we are beginning to see the tip of now with consumers' performance demands for exploding mobile traffic.

If you're at Management World this week, make sure you come by our booth, #66, to learn more about how Infovista's solutions can help MNOs, business and broadband service providers adapt to the changing market through differentiation, operation excellence and network optimization.

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