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Location Intelligence Will Have a Big Impact on BSS/OSS, CEM


Last week, Infovista announced its acquisition of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based mobile network optimization specialist Aexio. Our CMO, Bernard Breton, wrote a blog post explaining the motivations behind this move. We found Aexio's subscriber geo-analytics, RF optimization and configuration management expertise to be complementary to our existing products, and that it would allow us to progress our strategic vision: empowering mobile operators to plan, operate, optimize and monetize their networks.

Heavy Reading analyst Ari Banerjee stated his approval of Infovista's approach to “tie together critical dimensions of network optimization and network planning with network intelligence and network and service data.” He highlighted our acquisition of Aexio in a recent Light Reading article, “Location Intelligence Is the New Black,” which also mentioned a number of recent, similar geo-analytics-focused takeovers like the Amdocs-Actix and JDS Uniphase Corporation-Arieso deals.

We couldn't be more pleased with the analyst's assessment that we are headed in the right direction. By integrating location intelligence capabilities into our portfolio, it will only improve the relevance of our offerings for communications service providers, particularly mobile operators, looking to transform their BSS/OSS and differentiate the customer experience.

Mobile operators' future success will depend on their ability to focus on their subscribers and take a more proactive approach to network performance management and customer experience management (CEM). Previously, mobile operators largely reacted to network performance issues as they came up and didn't really consider that this would eventually lead to customer dissatisfaction and churn.

However, today and moving forward, if they can collect and analyze information throughout the entire network lifecycle, mobile operators will have a distinct advantage. They can use this intelligence–whether it be data on VIP customers' locations or the performance of their mobile devices–to make the most informed and timely decisions to optimize quality of service (QoS) and customers' quality of experience (QoE).

With the acquisition of Aexio, Infovista now has an even more robust platform for closing the loop between the network planning and design, service assurance and network optimization processes. to bridge all these different parts together. We are capable of equipping mobile operators with the network and subscriber intelligence, powered by geo-analytics, to provide a customer-focused approach to all relevant groups–from operations and engineering, to customer service and marketing. This will allow operators to make the critical shift from being reactive, to taking the preemptive steps needed for CEM.

We look forward to extending our work with our customer base in the new ways this acquisition grants us, so that they can reduce customer churn, strengthen their relationships and grow their businesses. Infovista is committed to further improving our award-winning solutions to meet the evolving needs of the fast-paced telecoms landscape.

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