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Light Reading Ethernet Europe 2012 — Managing the Delivery of Ethernet Services

Christopher Cullan
Apr. 13 2012

By Christopher Cullan, Product Marketing Manager, Business Services Solutions, Infovista

Applications ranging from high-frequency financial trading, cloud connectivity and wireless backhaul all rely on high-performance Ethernet services. Service provider operations and enterprise IT managers charged with managing the performance of these services need accurate performance monitoring instrumentation to assure their service's performance. This includes incorporating different types of metrics, multiple data sources and composite KPIs to fit the needs of a particular Ethernet service offering, e.g. one-way delay and one-way delay variation for mobile backhaul.

Accurate instrumentation combined with performance management systems that collect, summarize and present network performance information to multiple decision makers - from operations, through to engineering, customer care and product management - are critical elements for delivering high-performance Ethernet services.

At Light Reading Ethernet Europe 2012, I am happy to be participating as a panelist in the Performance-Assurance Ethernet session. In this panel, moderated by Stan Hubbard, senior analyst at Heavy Reading, we will discuss the key considerations for providing Ethernet service performance assurance in a way that provides relevant and useful information for communications service providers (CSPs). Broader management, planning and end-to-end interoperability are necessary for delivering performance-assured Ethernet services in today's multi-vendor networks. Crucial to the success of Ethernet service delivery is having the flexibility to choose the right strategy for the specific Ethernet service market. In addition, one must not only assure the service's performance but demonstrate that performance and its value — directly to the end customer to successfully compete and drive revenue in today's communication services market.

To learn more about the importance of performance assured Ethernet and how to demonstrate and enhance its value for your end customer, I invite you to attend the Performance-Assured Ethernet session at Light Reading Ethernet Expo, taking place at 3:55 p.m. GMT on Monday, April 16th.

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