Raining Applications

It’s Raining Applications - Do You Have a KPI to Monitor Them?

Enterprises are accelerating their digital application and platform infrastructure initiatives through SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services. They are populating their cloud environments with applications and software-defined networking technologies such as SD-WAN. However, ensuring the performance of business applications across any underlying network (MPLS, hybrid, or pure Internet-based SD-WAN) requires full visibility of application usage and the ability to communicate outcomes to internal stakeholders during all steps of implementation. Quality scoring of applications and networks is one of the critical metrics that lets organizations monitor just that.

Quality scoring comprises a key component for network and application visibility by providing a full understanding of application usage and performance over the global network, delivering an SLA-based application performance management.

Not All Quality Scoring Solutions are the Same

Scoring of networks and services is not a new concept. There are many solutions that leverage basic concepts such as QoS marking, static performance queues, packet loss, latency, and jitter to calculate service quality score. Most solutions have a limited understanding of application quality needs and only provide broad performance metrics at a link level. They do not help in getting the complete picture of end-to-end quality to make intelligent routing decisions or in ensuring the performance of applications at all times.

Infovista takes a different approach. The Infovista Ipanema SD-WAN solution incorporates a unique Application Quality Scoring (AQS) capability that enables enterprises to see how end-users perceive application performance. The score is a weighted mean, computed by comparing measured metrics with predefined Application Performance Objectives (APOs).

Ipanema uses non-intrusive methods for AQS, which is done in real-time, using algorithms to do a full measurement of all packets that flow through the network. The AQS feature from Ipanema guarantees precision by using the method of leveraging time synchronization between devices, which allows for aggregation of metrics per application or sites, down to a per minute level.

The comprehensive measurement system ensures measuring all TCP and UDP traffic on the network, as well as that traversing through LAN and WAN. The measurements are done regardless of the type of network architecture, quantifying the actual impact of the WAN on applications, while also measuring the effect of a new application rollout on the WAN.

Since different applications have different sensitivities to bandwidth, delay, jitter, etc., Ipanema’s AQS leverages all measured metrics taking into account the type of traffic. The AQS also helps IT managers define the performance objective for each application, based on the business intent, thereby allowing them to enforce dynamic SLAs. Additionally, Ipanema’s AQS is highly cost-efficient on hardware and VNF because of built-in DPI and web traffic identification.

What is your AQS?

Improving cost-effectiveness of operations, establishing productive and seamless processes to scale the business, and providing an excellent customer experience are critical objectives for business leaders to ensure positive ROI from digital transformation initiatives.

As part of these objectives, enterprises need a solution that informs them of their application performance, through measurable and quantified metrics, vis-à-vis their business intent. Ipanema’s unique AQS capability allows enterprises to have in-depth, detailed reporting and analytics that provide a dashboard view on specific applications and their performance health through the network. It serves a dual role. The AQS keeps enterprises informed about their application performance in real-time, while also adding agility to remedial measures for any issues that may arise.

So, CIOs and IT managers, the next time you have a discussion with your team on digital transformation, don’t forget to ask “What’s our AQS?”

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