IoT deployment challenges
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How to solve the top 3 IoT deployment challenges in Manufacturing

Ricardo Belmar
Sep. 17 2019

Manufacturers are relying on digital transformation to create new opportunities to drive efficiency and optimize processes. Luckily, IoT deployment challenges are one area where they could stop losing 2% of their annual revenue and gain an additional 3% in new revenue.

The top three IoT deployment challenges that manufacturers could solve with a smarter network are:

  • Downtime from application performance
  • Protecting intellectual property over internet connections 
  • Lack of consistent collaboration and visibility into supply chain

Manufacturing companies are heavy users of digital applications aimed at controlling and operating machinery, predicting downtime, and sharing real-time data across locations, operators, partners, and customers. Also, the network on which their intellectual property resides must be highly secure. To realize the full benefits that Industrial IoT (IIOT) offers and stay agile, manufacturers now have a strong motivation to adopt advanced WAN technologies.

Given their dependence on a superior, secure and scalable network to meet all data synchronization needs across geographically dispersed locations, they are in need of advanced second-generation Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions that emphasize quality of service (QoS) on the network. Manufacturers are shifting towards smart factories - integrating IoT, virtual reality and artificial intelligence as best practices. As this digital transformation continues, smarter SD-WAN with application intelligence has emerged as the turbo booster that provides enhanced visibility into application performance as well as the ability to prioritize traffic for optimal network management.

Smart network management, traffic prioritization and connectivity are critical for smart factories

According to Wikibon Reserch, the expected financial impact of downtime from IT is about 8% of the enterprise revenue for Fortune 1000 companies. Mission critical systems face the biggest downtime exposure, with over 50% of downtime impact, which is 5% of enterprise revenue). The SD-WAN solution, with a deep understanding of application performance needs, dynamically prioritizes traffic based on application priority. The solution, therefore, enables mission critical applications to keep performing in any situation. 

Further, as manufacturers add more IoT endpoints to deliver automation and process efficiency, the need for a scalable solution is critical. Cloud-based SD-WAN solutions with capabilities to apply global business intent policies and zero-touch provisioning reduce complexity and cost to build a scalable network, while continuing to offer simple and quick deployment.

SD-WAN must meet these constantly evolving needs, while providing visibility into how applications are performing as new endpoints are added and optimizing network routes. A smart factory, therefore, has significant reliance on smart network management to meet its dynamic and real-time data needs, making smart SD-WAN a key business enabler. 

Intellectual property is as safe as the security of the network

For manufacturers, their key asset is the intellectual property they own. With the shift towards a global economy, manufacturing facilities are also becoming global – pushing the intellectual property to cross network boundaries.

While many manufacturers still leverage private MPLS network to ensure security, local internet breakout is becoming a common trend. It provides direct internet access at remote facilities to access public cloud applications – creating new security challenges in the Hybrid WAN. A smarter SD-WAN solution must provide enhanced integrated security by encrypting all traffic over IP VPNs to public and private datacenters and segmenting the network that isolates different product groups into their private networks. It must forward web traffic to cloud-based secure web gateways to enforce global policies. 

Solve IoT Deployment Challenges to Protect Revenues and Enhance User Experience with Application Intelligence

Industry 4.0 is quickly evolving. Factories are implementing smart practices. Manufacturers that can envision changing network needs and adopt technology that provides on-demand network scalability, visibility, and control to ensure user experience, will emerge as “smarter” digital leaders.

Infovista has global experience in ensuring that critical manufacturing business applications operate with the most robust performance, over any network, and in full alignment with business objectives. Ipanema SD-WAN provides unique application intelligence that reduces cost and ends production outages, while ensuring secure, reliable, and predictable application user experience for all users. 

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