Introducing the future of the intelligent WAN: Ipanema SD-WAN

Introducing the Future of the Intelligent WAN: Ipanema SD-WAN

Mike Wilkinson
Mar. 18 2019

The business case for software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) isn’t complicated. By replacing pricey dedicated MPLS circuits with managed public Internet connections, enterprises can slash the costs of site-to-site connectivity. But in the rush to capitalize on the SD-WAN opportunity, too many vendors seem to have forgotten the whole point of the WAN in the first place: using applications.

If your new hybrid WAN makes mission-critical applications inconsistent and unreliable, you’re not doing your business any favors, no matter how much you’re saving. In fact, three quarters of business leaders say the biggest hurdle holding them back from digital transformation is their network. 

We think enterprises shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance to get the benefits of simple, cost-effective connectivity. It’s why Infovista has been synonymous with disruptive WAN capabilities for years. Now, we’re raising the bar even higher with the latest version of Ipanema SD-WAN, featuring next-generation application intelligence and cloud-native orchestration. 

For the first time, enterprises can control SD-WAN path selection and performance on a session-by-session basis. They can ensure their most critical applications always deliver an outstanding experience, regardless of what’s happening on the network. 

What’s Wrong with Conventional SD-WAN?

Most SD-WAN solutions can meet broad performance targets for packet loss and jitter, and even assure quality-of-service for the network as a whole. What they can’t do is guarantee end-user quality of experience (QoE) for specific applications. For businesses adopting more cloud-based applications to improve agility (i.e., pretty much every enterprise on the planet), that’s a problem. 

Ideally, digital businesses should be able to guarantee QoE for their most important applications, users, and customers. But no SD-WAN solution on the market has offered that level of granular control. So, many enterprises just threw more bandwidth (and money) at the problem. For example, many continued using MPLS circuits for Skype for Business even after adopting SD-WAN, because they just couldn’t rely on public Internet connections for their critical meetings. 

The solution to these problems isn’t more bandwidth. What you need is more intelligence—deep visibility and control at the session level, so that application traffic is always routed along the optimal path, based on business priorities. That’s exactly what the new Ipanema SD-WAN delivers.

Introducing a Smarter SD-WAN

Ipanema’s Application Intelligence+ gives enterprises the ability to guarantee QoE for mission-critical applications for the first time, even in difficult network environments. The solution combines session-based routing and dynamic path selection of the underlay network with an overlay of deep application visibility and dynamic control. 

Ipanema uses machine intelligence to understand what applications need to deliver optimal QoE on a per-session basis. It analyzes all traffic flows across the WAN, and dynamically applies the right business policies to ensure they have the resources they need—regardless of location, connectivity, or traffic loading. The result: you can maintain consistently excellent QoE—even for applications that are highly sensitive to network issues, like Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

For businesses moving to SD-WAN as they expand their cloud application footprint, this kind of intelligence is essential. Consider: the average large enterprise has over a thousand cloud applications running on its network—many of them “shadow IT,” deployed outside standard IT approval and control. Without the ability to see all those applications and designate which ones are business-critical, network performance issues will be a constant problem. 

Ipanema lets you monitor and control all traffic across the WAN in real time, intelligently, automatically, at the session level. You can quickly and easily troubleshoot problems at the source. And, you can maintain a 360-degree picture of everything on your network, and dynamically route traffic flows based on business intent. 

A Versatile Solution

Infovista has long relied on channel partners, value-added resellers (VARs), and managed service providers (MSPs) to bring our solutions to customers. The new Ipanema SD-WAN builds on those ecosystem relationships and offers multiple deployment options to meet a wide range of infrastructure requirements. 

Ipanema SD-WAN can operate as underlay or overlay. It can be delivered via Infovista hardware, third-party customer premises equipment (CPE), or as a third-party virtualized network function (VNF). It can operate across any site, over any type of transport, to any cloud or hosted infrastructure, providing deep application intelligence all the way to the WAN edge. It also provides unique multi-tenant capabilities optimized for OEM and MSP delivery models.

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SD-WAN solutions that leave users scrambling when they need their applications most aren’t helping your business—even if they lower WAN costs. That’s why we’ve built and continue to evolve Ipanema to focus on what matters most: delivering consistently great user experiences. And, it’s why global enterprises and tier-1 service providers call us, hands-down, the best network money can buy. 

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