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Integrating Mobile Network Performance Management Practices End-to-End

Sergio Zveibil
Jul. 15 2014

As radio access networks become more complex — in part, due to the continued emergence of next-generation technologies and an uptick in mobile data traffic — mobile operators are increasingly in need of end-to-end visibility. Without a holistic view of their networks, they may struggle to effectively understand usage or to manage mobile network performance, which could, consequently, diminish the impact of new deployments while quality of experience (QoE) suffers.

However, granting EVERY step of the network lifecycle the attention it needs has proved just as important for mobile operators aiming to ensure customers a consistently high QoE. Each step of the network lifecycle is as important as the one before it — from initial network planning all the way through to ongoing network optimization efforts.

In this context, holistic network performance management becomes even more critical. It is not only a requirement for delivering quality services, but also important for allowing operators to use live and reliable network data to speed up and remove guesswork from critical planning and optimization tasks.

Ensuring a complete view of the network lifecycle–and orchestrating network performance throughout its various stages–has been a focus for InfoVista for some time now. If you're interested in learning more about the importance of gaining a holistic view of the network with this approach, I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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