Infovista's Recommended Summer Reading: Catch Up on Small Cells

Astrid Wastegård
Jul. 24 2013

By Astrid Wastegard, Product Marketing Manager,Infovista

For many, the summer brings beach days and time to spare. To help fill that extra time, whether on the couch or in the sun, the Infovista team has pulled together a list of must reads and videos as related to small cells. Enjoy!

Planning for Small Cells: How to Achieve the Promises of a HetNet Strategy

  • There is a lot of buzz about small cells, but many are asking themselves: what are they, exactly? This blog post provides a thorough description of the different types of small cells, their impact on mobile networks and three conditions to ensure successful deployments.

An In-Depth View of the Metro Network Design Package

  • Following the emergence of small cells to address increasing indoor traffic levels, mobile operators need to make use of radio network planning capabilities like urban modeling and 3D propagation to ensure they have a full understanding of the coverage, quality and capacity of their cellular networks. To learn more about how Infovista addresses these demands with its radio network planning product, Mentum Planet, tune into this webinar playback.

Maximising the ROI of LTE and Small Cells

  • As a result of the growing implementations of LTE-Advanced network technology like small cells and HetNets, network design and optimization solutions are playing an even more strategic role in defining mobile operators' strategies and improving their ROI. This contributed blog post outlines a comprehensive deployment plan for next-generation network components as well as six steps to designing and optimizing HetNets. You can also read more in a solution brief called Improving the ROI of Small Cells through Planning.

Infovista — TM Forum Management World 2013 — Bernard Breton

  • LTE-Advanced brings the ability to coordinate interference within the network, making it possible to have a small cell strategy that will work for consumers. However, in order to best take advantage of these capabilities, mobile operators must engage in a robust planning process. Watch this video, filmed at TM Forum's Management World 2013, to hear more about what this means for mobile operators.

Infovista Offers Insights in Small Cells Panel at Backhaul Strategies for Mobile Operators Conference

  • Small cells are considered an effective method to handle increasing data traffic volumes. However, the ROI of small cells is largely dependent on the solutions mobile operators use to plan deployments, as backhauling and the actual installation represent very high CAPEX investments. To read more about this topic, as discussed at Light Reading's 8th annual Backhaul Strategies for Mobile Operators conference, read this recent blog post.


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