Infovista's Holiday Reading: Ring in the New Year with Network Planning and Optimization

Marc Lippe
Dec. 30 2013

The holiday season is upon us, and that means a season of cheer and festivities. The Infovista team has provided some reading on network planning and optimization for your leisure in between holiday parties — enjoy!

Optimization Automation White Paper by Analysys Mason

Optimization automation software has become extremely helpful for mobile operators to alleviate the pressure of growing mobile data consumption. This whitepaper details how mobile operators can improve their CAPEX and OPEX as well as deliver a high quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers by utilizing predictive network intelligence to ensure a strong and efficient network.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage through Improved Network Planning & Optimization Automation

In order to improve QoE in the face of high mobile data consumption, mobile operators can follow one of three paths: overprovision their mobile networks by stretching out CAPEX budgets, improve their planning process, or adopt the next wave of mobile network innovation. Despite those choices, most mobile operators are overprovisioning their networks, resulting in inflated CAPEX spending. This video, featuring Heavy Reading's Ari Banerjee and my colleague Cyril Doussau, explains how mobile operators can avoid overspending, and instead, gain a competitive advantage by improving network optimization and streamlining costs.

Panel Video: Network Planning and Optimization for Broadband Networks

At our User Conference this year, Infovista SVP Bernard Breton and CTO Yann Le Helloco were joined by TeleWorld Solutions CEO Shervin Gerami and Bell Mobility RF Planning Engineer Charles Roy in a panel discussion about network planning and design, and network optimization. The panelists all agreed that the lines between network planning and design and network optimization are blending together, and can thus compensate for one another if one area is lacking. With that strategy in mind, Yann pointed out that a poorly planned network can actually be salvaged with adequate network optimization. Watch the video to hear more from our panel of network planning and network optimization professionals.

Reducing Wireless Network CAPEX through Streamlined Planning

Mobile operators are facing many obstacles to effectively plan their networks, including rising over-the-top (OTT) services and fluctuating subscriber behavior. Stranded capacity is often a product of these new trends, reducing mobile operators' available network capacity by up to five percent. Plus, OTT services and changing subscriber patterns often mean more erratic mobile traffic trends, making it much more difficult to predict future mobile network usage. To ensure that planning efforts remain accurate, mobile operators need to embrace unified network planning and network optimization systems that can minimize OPEX and CAPEX by targeting network investments where they are most needed in the mobile network. Bernard Breton and Cyril Doussau of Infovista dive further into this topic in their Pipeline Magazine article.

I wish you a happy and healthy New Year from the Infovista team!

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