Infovista's Application Performance Momentum Continues in Virtualization Domain

In April 2015, Infovista announced its acquisition of Ipanema Technologies, an industry leader in guaranteeing application performance across enterprises' large and complex networks. The acquisition enables Infovista to provide this global business audience as well as communications service providers (CSPs) with actionable visibility and in-depth information on application performance over hybrid networks.

Now part of Infovista, the Ipanema portfolio has seen positive momentum over the past few months. Several announcements demonstrate how Infovista is helping CSPs and enterprises further succeed through competitive differentiation, by launching services quicker than ever before and making the most of their hybrid networks.

Below you can find a recap of our three recent press releases:

Ipanema Launches Virtual Engine

Virtualization is a key component for enterprises and CSPs alike, as they work to reduce operational hardware costs and efficiently launch new services. To help customers take control of their application performance, Ipanema launched its new virtual engines portfolio, the vip|e.

The solution is empowering users with total control of application performance in a virtual setting, saving them time while cutting hardware costs. In turn, enterprises can future-proof their networks to support not only new branch offices and data centers, but also new technologies like software-defined networking (SDN).Mobile Network Traffic

Infovista Joins the HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program

As CSPs transition to network function virtualization (NFV), application and network performance tools have become a critical piece of success. To support its customers through this industry shift, Infovista joined the HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program, with the goal of helping CSPs make the most of their NFV technology.

Infovista now offers the Ipanema application performance guarantee solution as a virtual, fully tested, HP-compliant NFV solution. This partnership allows Infovista to maximize the quality of its high-value, application-aware network services for enterprise customers, while offering CSPs high performance and accelerated service delivery.

Infovista Joins Wind River Titanium Cloud Ecosystem

Infovista is committed to helping CSPs successfully deploy and deliver high-performing and differentiated services to enterprise customers over their NFV infrastructure.

With this in mind, Infovista also joined the carrier-grade Wind River Titanium Cloud ecosystem. This partnership has put Infovista in the best seat to help CSPs and IT-intensive enterprises successfully transition to NFV environments.

This partnership will enable CSPs to accelerate the time-to-revenue of their application-aware network service portfolio in NFV environments by deploying Infovista's application performance guarantee virtual engines.

Stay tuned for more announcements around our application performance portfolio. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn to chat about these topics further!

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