Infovista Unveils Mobile Network Experience Optimization Solution

Andre Sequerah
Feb. 26 2015

Mobile operators today are in a constant battle to meet subscribers' quality of service (QoS) expectations, while also keeping network costs as low as possible. This balance has been made even more challenging by subscribers' increasing mobile data usage (global mobile data traffic grew 69% in 2014) and by mobile operators' tendency to implement multi-vendor networks that include multiple frequency bands and radio generations. Altogether, traditional network optimization tactics are simply not helping mobile operators win.

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Consequently, we are pleased to introduce VistaNEO to the market. It is a mobile network experience optimization solution capable of automatically and intelligently collecting and post-processing mobile network data, enabling mobile operators to proactively solve mobile network quality problems and combat subscriber churn. By automatically pulling 24/7 geo-located call trace data, VistaNEO also offers improved network intelligence, allowing mobile operators to improve QoS and reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

VistaNEO is innovative in that it approaches network performance management from the subscriber perspective, rather than the operator perspective. Historically, mobile operators monitored network performance statistics as one metric — a percentage point for the end-to-end network's QoS. However, this approach doesn't take into consideration the dips in service that some subscribers may be repeatedly facing.

VistaNEO helps mobile operators identify those areas where subscribers frequently experience performance degradation, and then diagnose and remedy the cause of the performance problems. The solution can also amalgamate all this data into long-term trend analyses, so mobile operators can better understand patterns of poor cell performance.

We'll be showcasing VistaNEO at our Mobile World Congress booth (Hall 7, #7G40) next week. If you're planning to attend, I invite you to come learn more about how we're helping mobile operators improve their network optimization efforts. You can also email drodrigues@infovista.com to arrange a meeting with my colleagues or I while in Barcelona. Hope to see you there!

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