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Infovista Supports 12 New IP/Ethernet Backhaul Assurance Projects in 2012


By Marc Lippe, Director, Worldwide Field and Corporate Marketing, Infovista

As data traffic continues to rapidly increase, mobile operators are still struggling to lower costs while maintaining quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE). Some have rolled out IP/Ethernet backhaul technology to cost-effectively meet the bandwidth requirements of 3G and G mobile data services.

Likewise, wholesale operators are capitalizing on the growth in data traffic by leveraging their IP/Ethernet metro networks to secure new customers who want affordable, high speed backhaul connectivity to meet 3G+ and 4G+ mobile subscriber service expectations.

Infovista recently announced  the addition of 12 new mobile operator and wholesale provider IP/Ethernet backhaul assurance customers since the beginning of 2012. Infovista now has more than 20 Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators leveraging its network performance management solution to more effectively assure their backhaul transformation initiatives. We are proud to have established Infovista as a preferred vendor in this area, and to be empowering operators like MTN, Telstra, Tunisiana and US Cellular with actionable performance visibility to better dimension their backhaul network capacity resulting in better CAPEX prioritization, while maintaining service reliability and QoS.

Furthermore, with VistaInsight for Networks, operators benefit from streamlined communication with internal and external customers and high-quality service level delivery, which reduces and validates capital / operational expenditures while increasing operational efficiency.

Not only do we have support from customers worldwide, we also have affirmation from industry experts. Analysys Mason research director Patrick Kelly said, “InfoVista is well-positioned in the management of next-generation IP/Ethernet backhaul because of its demonstrated success in managing critical IP/MPLS networks of Tier 1 and Tier 2 CSPs.”

Infovista is proud of it growth and expertise in this area, and believe there is much more to come as a Billing & OSS World survey found that 97 percent of mobile operators worldwide have not completed an implementation of–and are not fully benefitting from–IP/Ethernet backhaul.

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