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Infovista Rated as a ‘Strong Value' for Large Enterprise and CSP Deployment in EMA's Application Network Performance Management (ANPM) Radar Report


By Chris Waters, Business Analyst, Infovista

On April 1, 2013, Enterprise Management Associates' analyst Jim Frey hosted a webinar in support of the recent findings of the 2013 EMA Application Network Performance Management Radar Report.  In preparation for the report, 50+ providers were invited to participate and highlight their solution(s) strengths.  Of this group, only 24 were ultimately featured.  Evaluation was specifically based on 5 main areas:

  • Deployment and Administration
  • Cost Advantage
  • Architecture and Integration
  • Functionality
  • Vendor Strength

In addition, EMA also highlighted 2 specific market developments which further developed this year's ranking system:

1)      A shift from evaluating based on Cost Efficiency to Resource Efficiency — with higher scores for quicker deployment, simpler product architectures and shorter learning curves.

2)      A shift from Product Strength to Solution Impact — with higher scores awarded for tighter integration of multi-product solutions (enabling a greater overall impact in the areas of network and application performance).

With this in mind, EMA featured Infovista as having a “rich set of capabilities” which are “highly flexible” and “very scalable,” with large enterprises and of particular strength with CSPs.  Furthermore, Infovista was ranked as the only “Strong Value” provider with both “Exceptional Resource Efficiency and Solution Impact.”

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