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Infovista Empowers French Healthcare Organization to Achieve Network Performance Management Goals


By Marc Lippe, Director, Worldwide Field and Corporate Marketing, Infovista

As a large, IT-intensive organization, La Caisse Nationale de l'Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés (CNAMTS), the national healthcare insurance fund for salaried workers in France, needed a solution to fulfil its network performance management needs. We are pleased to announce that CNAMTS selected our powerful unified service performance assurance platform to support its network operations center (NOC), Centre National de Gestion du Réseau (CNGR), and ensure the network performance and service levels of more than 120 local healthcare organizations in France and overseas regions.

VistaInsight® for Networks and Vista360® have transformed the NOC's day-to-day performance management initiatives and Loïc Fournier, head of the network management department, CNGR, CNAMTS, considers the platform a trusted resource: “Infovista's platform has more than proven that it is the most powerful service assurance solution on the market. Its capabilities have allowed us to discover our infrastructure, enable the critical capacity planning process, automatically align all of the reporting throughout our organization, and easily identify degradations in network performance and accelerate troubleshooting.”

CNAMTS is employing VistaInsight for Networks to monitor more than 10,000 network equipment components and regularly cross-check inventory. Because of the solution, the CNGR understands if and why resources are under- or over-used, enabling the ability to accurately right-size the networks. Furthermore, Infovista's network performance management solution allows CNAMTS to track the performance and service levels of the network services provided by its communications service providers (CSPs), enabling the organization to optimize bandwidth usage, which supports capacity planning and decreases CAPEX. With Vista360, the local network managers can easily address, diagnose and solve quality of service (QoS) challenges independently. They also benefit from increased collaboration with the central NOC to accelerate troubleshooting and support operational efficiency across all of IT.

We are proud to support CNAMTS and help contribute to the CNGR's ongoing goal of achieving a high QoS and quality of experience for both its internal and external customers.

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