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Infovista at MWC 2021: pop by to talk network lifecycle automation, AI and more

Marc Serra
Jun. 22 2021

For obvious reasons, Infovista has cut back on in-person meetings and events in the past year and a half. In line with our corporate social responsibly objectives, particularly with regard to fighting climate change, it’s a trend we plan to continue even after lockdown restrictions have been fully lifted. But there are some events that, with the right measures in place, we’d hate to miss out on.

MWC Barcelona is one such gathering. This year’s Mobile World Congress takes place from 28th June to 1st July, and Infovista representatives will be there throughout to discuss a range of case studies, trends and cutting-edge developments in radio access network planning, network testing and service assurance software.

If you’re attending yourself, do pop by to meet our executives and experts, and find out how Infovista can help you:

  • Accelerate your network lifecycle automation journey;
  • Monetize new, advanced connectivity; and
  • Optimize CAPEX and OPEX.

Or, better still, book a slot to guarantee some face time, either in person – we’re hosting meetings at three executive meeting rooms, located in Hall 2.1 – or virtually via video link.

We’ll look forward to seeing you there but in the meantime, here’s a taster of some of the hot topics on which we’ll elaborate during the MWC period:

KLERITY, Empirix and network lifecycle automation

Earlier this year, we introduced the concept of network lifecycle automation (NLA) to expand the reach of automation beyond network and service operations, into planning, testing and deployment, and reporting and monetization.

In April, we brought additional capabilities to NLA with the acquisition of Empirix, the global leading platform for service, application and customer experience assurance with its fully cloud-native KLERITY platform.

With a focus on service assurance, KLERITY completes our vision for NLA, bringing:

  • Customer-centric operations with highly accurate, real-time visibility of customer experience;
  • Customer-centric planning Insight into customer and device behaviour, service and applications consumption;
  • Reduced time-to-repair with drag-and-drop troubleshooting right down to the individual packet
  • Advanced networks support with end-to-end solutions for 5G standalone networks and associated services; and
  • Cloud-native by design architecture for reduced system CAPEX and OPEX, massive scalability, multi- and hybrid-cloud support.

Artificial intelligence in RAN planning

AIM is the new artificial intelligence model in our Planet solution. Launched as part of the Planet 7.5 release last week, it’s the world’s first carrier-grade planning solution driven by advanced machine learning.

By pre-calibrating real-world measurement data, its machine learning is continually evolving to deliver:

  • The best-fit predictive algorithms to match propagation reality;
  • Versatile RF modeling that can automatically adapt to multiple deployment environments; and
  • Fast 3D ray-tracing.

All of this needed for effective 5G deployment, the benefits of this AI in planning include:

  • Simplification and acceleration of radio network modeling;
  • Drastic reduction in costs associated with prediction model tuning;
  • Improved coverage prediction reliability, which helps retain customers and attract new ones;
  • Cell coverage prediction up to three times as fast as that of traditional methods;
  • Drastic reductions in measurement surveys; and
  • CAPEX savings in radio sites in the region of 10 to 20%.

To learn about how this work, read our Using artificial intelligence in RAN planning to improve accuracy and save time blog post.

Insights from your industry peers

At Infovista, we work with many of the world’s most advanced network operators to constantly raise the bar for delivering outstanding customer experiences, by leveraging the most advanced cloud-native networking technologies and standards available today across NFV/SDN, ML/AI, open APIs and 5G standalone mobile technologies, with optimal efficiency.

Come chat with us to learn more about:

  • Rakuten Mobile, which is using our Planet software to deliver the first carrier-grade, cloud-based platform for radio network planning, optimisation and modelling, supporting the rapid roll-out of its end-to-end cloud-native 5G mobile network across Japan; and
  • Ooredoo Tunisia, part of the Ooredoo group, which chose VistaInsight as a “unique platform” that gives the company “the perfect balance between flexibility and openness,” allows the development of “any kind of indicator and report critical for assuring the rightsizing and troubleshooting all NGN services running in [its] network”.

So join us!

Join us to discover how our class-leading portfolio of radio engineering, network testing and service assurance products enables these customers and more to achieve their potential and provide great user experiences that retain customers and win new business. As well as the many benefits listed above, we’ll walk you through:

  • Achieving accelerated 5G rollouts and network swap-outs up to 50% more efficiency without sacrificing cost, service reliability, performance and customer experience;
  • Achieving up to 30% reductions in network operations effort through routine task automation;
  • Executing preventative maintenance to resolve predicted issues before they arise;
  • More accurately and rapidly identifying and resolve root-causes for customer-impacting issues, even if they span multiple network domains; and
  • Better prioritising network and service operations to address issues with the highest impact on the customer first.

We look forward to further discussions – but don’t forget to register for a meeting.

See you in Barcelona!

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