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Infovista and Alcatel-Lucent Improve Network Performance Monitoring


Infovista has consistently been committed to integrating its products with Alcatel-Lucent's 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM). In fact, we've been a long-time member of the Alcatel-Lucent OSS Connected Partner Program and were named a Connected Premier Partner, the highest tier of Alcatel-Lucent's program. Building on this market-leading position, we recently became the first vendor to certify our network management solution VistaLink for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM with the latest version of Alcatel-Lucent's offering, thus guaranteeing communication service providers (CSPs) a quick implementation with minimal risk.

VistaLink for 5620 SAM supports CSPs by granting them sophisticated, multi-vendor management of their most complex networks. With real-time service quality visualization, CSPs can ensure that they meet customer service level agreements (SLAs), monitor their networks' resource health and even accelerate time-to-market for differentiated services.

With this solution, CSPs can also proactively reduce customer churn and improve service assurance overall. In fact, demonstrating service quality with reporting and analysis is integral to ensuring consistent quality of service (QoS) for customers. And, with service-centric modelling, CSPs can provide — and meet — custom SLAs for high-valued customers.

In the crowded business services market, be it layer 3 or layer 2 Carrier Ethernet services, it's often the pace at which CSPs deploy new services and technologies that sets them apart from their competition. Once these new capabilities are deployed, sophisticated network visibility is required in order to determine whether or not new investments are being fully optimized. As such, VistaLink for 5620 SAM supports differentiated IP VPN and Carrier Ethernet services, including microwave backhaul, with real-time visualization to accelerate time-to-market and prove their value to business and wholesale customers.

Through our latest certification and continued collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent, CSPs can be assured that their network monitoring environments will continue to run smoothly, customer churn will remain as low as possible and the latest network technologies will be continuously leveraged. Interested in learning more about our work with Alcatel-Lucent? Connect with me on LinkedIn!

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