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Infovista Acquires Mobile Network Optimization Specialist Aexio

Bernard Breton
Oct. 23 2013

By Bernard Breton, SVP Americas & APAC and Chief Marketing Officer, InfoVista

In most regions of the world, mobile service market penetration is very high; hence, subscriber growth has slowed down significantly. Network data traffic is, on the other hand, continuously increasing. This is putting immense pressure on mobile operators, as they need to simultaneously achieve three goals:

  • Increase quality of experience (QoE) to help reduce churn;
  • Increase network capacity to fulfill the growing demand for data traffic; and
  • Manage their network OPEX and CAPEX to remain competitive and profitable.

Doing so requires the utmost understanding of network performance as well as subscriber behavior, so that networks are planned and optimized in a way that can improve the QoE where it really matters. Reliance on legacy methods such as drive test-based optimization just does not provide the insight nor the agility mobile operators require to make the most effective, timely decisions about their networks.

hp-fbacq-petroInfovista's strategy is to broaden the reach of the network data we collect and enable communications service providers (CSPs) to transform this information into subscriber-aware, actionable network intelligence. The purpose of this is squarely aligned with the three goals I previously mentioned. We believe that the competitive differentiation of CSPs relies on their ability to use their network performance and subscriber QoE awareness to better manage their network resources throughout the entire heterogeneous network (HetNet) lifecycle.

Today, InfoVista is pleased to share that we are taking the next step to progress this vision and further empower our customers to deliver high-performing, differentiated services–we have acquired Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based mobile network optimization specialist Aexio. InfoVista will leverage Aexio's subscriber geo-analytics, RF optimization and configuration management expertise to extend our data collection reach and analysis capabilities to help mobile operators enhance and proactively act on their subscriber awareness and network intelligence. This will help them deliver a first-class QoE to their customers, while maximizing profitability from their multi-vendor, multi-technology networks.

Opportunities abound for the mobile operators that leverage subscriber-aware network performance data from the planning and operational phases to the optimization and monetization stages of their HetNet lifecycles. We will be discussing this in-depth at the InfoVista User Conference this week (I hope to meet you there!), and sharing more details over the coming months about the innovation we are bringing to CSPs, as we integrate Aexio's subscriber geo-analytics capabilities into InfoVista's award-winning network planning and service assurance products.

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