Industry Analysts Offer Telco Predictions for 2013

Christopher Waters
Jan. 11 2013

By Chris Waters, Business Analyst, InfoVista

As one year ends and another begins, we find ourselves in a revolving state of reflection and eager anticipation.  As we look ahead, some implement resolutions to help guide a new beginning while others merely pick up where they left off last. The telco industry is no different and a number of analysts have welcomed 2013 by sharing their thoughts on what we can expect throughout this year.

Analysys Mason

According to a recent report from Analysys Mason, outlining the top ten telecom predictions for 2013, LTE will continue to be a major trend as it becomes a reality in many countries.  However, because of persistently sluggish economic conditions, high prices will likely decrease full consumer acceptance.  Plus, with claims of smartphone sales plateauing, operators must develop ways to manage an ever-changing infrastructure and service portfolio as global penetration nears 100 percent.


In a series of predictions released by IDC, the analyst firm discusses the ramifications of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry's recent shift to a platform built on mobile devices and apps, cloud services, mobile broadband networks, big data analytics and social technologies. As a result of growth in these five areas, IDC predicts that the entire ICT industry will increase by $1.7 billion before 2020, completely redefining the focus of vendors in this market.

While every prediction is based on research and historical trends, of course, these must all be taken for what they are — predictions. And yet, communications service providers (CSPs) must also consider what these projections would mean for their business models. For example, if LTE adoption will be based largely on competitive rates, will immediate cost justification drive operators to instead further optimize their current infrastructure? Similarly, if the ICT industry truly does grow so rapidly in the next seven years, will operators have the bandwidth to accommodate such an influx of traffic from mobile, cloud and social sources? How can networks prepare for this growth?

I am curious — as I'm sure many are — to see what will dominate CSPs' agendas this year. Perhaps Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month will give us a clue! Until then, what do you envision happening to the telco industry in 2013?

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