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Improving Application Experience for Vodafone's Enterprise Customers

Christopher Cullan
May. 4 2015

Communications service providers (CSPs) are facing a growing list of obstacles when it comes to supporting business customers, including increased complexity imposed by cloud computing, disappearing revenue streams, constant pricing pressure and mounting bandwidth demands.

Meanwhile, wide area networking (WAN) costs for enterprises continue to rise, end users continue to complain of poor application experience and the network is often perceived to be at fault for application performance failures. Many departments react by bypassing the IT department for their applications, often exacerbating the issues of rising costs and declining application performance.vodafone

With the hyper-critical importance of the WAN in today's Internet-rich, dynamic and consumerized environment, CSPs are challenged to demonstrate the value of their services, secure their revenues and deliver the application experience that customers expect.

To overcome these challenges, Vodafone, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, required a solution with a customer-facing portal to give multi-national enterprises true visibility into and control over their business-critical services, including the performance of applications running inside their virtual private networks (VPNs). Based on our decade-long relationship, Vodafone chose to embed Infovista's integrated application and network performance reporting portal technology within its Application Visibility & Control service offering for enterprises.

With the support of Infovista's Application Visibility Services solution, as well as Cisco's Application Experience (AX) routers, Vodafone can provide its enterprise customers with the real-time technical insight and metrics they need to improve network and application performance, and to better align their business and IT goals. With Vodafone's Application Visibility & Control, customers can also gain insight into whether performance problems are being caused by the WAN, the LAN, the application or the end users.

Ultimately, Vodafone can help these customers deliver optimal application performance and a high end-user quality of experience, while reducing their operational costs through more efficient bandwidth consumption, faster problem resolution and cost-effective outsourcing of application performance.

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