How does unified visibility and automation make assuring 5G smarter? Meet the expert!

Andrew Baldock
Feb. 14 2022

At MWC 22, Infovista is showcasing 360° Assurance. Let’s meet with Renata Da Silva to understand how operators can deliver predictive, real-time and ubiquitous customer experience assurance across their entire network.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I lead Infovista's Service and Experience Assurance portfolio. I am located in Lisbon, Portugal and am passionate about helping CSPs become successful in the 5G era by modernizing the classic Assurance sector into a customer centric, dynamic service with automated tools and processes that will enable the new NaaS business model. I've worked in the telecom industry for more than 20 years, with roles in Marketing, Project Management, Pre-sales and Product Management.

2. In few words, how would you describe 360° Assurance?

360° Assurance is a family of solutions that breaks down the traditional silos of network, device, subscriber, service and application assurance to anticipate and prevent problems that impact the end user – so operators can support and enable more efficient service operations driven by their end customer experiences.

This provides CSPs with the level of detailed visibility and intelligence into their customers’ experiences necessary to support proactive remediation.

This not only provides clear visibility of customer experience, service and network performance with dashboards and reports designed for both technology and business departments, but crucially also enables the delivery and monetization of differentiated QoE and SLA guarantees.


3. What are the main 5G challenges it helps to deal with?

Operators are faced with a real conundrum – new programmable networks such as 5G Standalone present new opportunities like network slicing that can unlock new markets, however how they are organized and the way they operate require a significant evolution in order to unlock that business. The traditional siloed approach to managing their network, services and customer experiences simply doesn’t provide the granularity, intelligence and automation that they need to deliver on 5G promise.

If operators are to be able to effectively monetize these new 5G service opportunities – and confidently back them up with differentiated and enforceable SLAs – it is essential that they have unified visibility and automation capabilities, from the core infrastructure through to the services they deliver. 

The 360° Assurance solutions are designed to accelerate the monetization of differentiated Quality of Experience (QoE) and SLA-backed services based on advanced network connectivity, at scale, whilst reducing the incremental cost of realizing advanced customer experience assurance scenarios through process automation. 

This empowers operators to guarantee the service level agreements and performance that come with those services, and ultimately ensure that end customers get what they paid for.

4. Any good tips to share with those who are going to MWC in Barcelona?

For meat lovers, it’s one of the best places to eat a big and tasty ‘chuletón’ and of course to share a few of the 1001 tapas options with your friends or colleagues, remember that ‘Compartir es vivir’.

If you’re into some sightseeing, visit at least one of Gaudi’s buildings spread over Barcelona, they are simply unique and inspiring.

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