How Does the Bank-insurance Group KBC Maximizes Adoption of Microsoft Lync online and Microsoft Office 365, Increasing Productivity and Reducing Telecoms Costs?


Bart Adriaensen, Head Telecom and UC² eWorkplace, KBC Group, details how his team has successfully deployed Microsoft Lync Online and Microsoft Office 365 for the KBC employees and is guaranteeing its critical applications (UCC and bank transactions) performance.

Can you please tell us about KBC's activities and corporate strategy?

KBC is an integrated bank-insurance group, offering services mainly for retail, private banking, SME and mid-cap clients. Geographically, our core markets are Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. KBC is also active in Ireland.

Our corporate strategy is to improve the cost/income ratio, by both increasing revenues and improving efficiency and creating synergies.

How does KBC's Belgian IT department support this business strategy?

To support this strategy, our IT department needed to reduce operational costs and provide employees with better-integrated services in order to improve their productivity. That's why we decided to:

  • Deploy Microsoft Lync Online and Microsoft Office 365
  • Maximize mobility and allow employees to work anytime, everywhere and from any device
  • Improve IT department flexibility: by improving troubleshooting and new applications deployment processes
  • Reduce network and Telco costs

KBC aims to have the most efficient and flexible data network of the financial sector in Belgium.

Why did you need Application Performance Guarantee from Ipanema Technologies to successfully implement these IT transformations?

After the full rollout 15,000 users will use Microsoft Lync online. We couldn't take the risk that they didn't get an optimum Quality of Experience. Therefore we chose Ipanema to guarantee the Quality of Service of our network as well as the performance of our business critical applications such as bank transactions and VoIP.

To better support our users, we also needed visibility and control of the applications on our network to eliminate all network-related performance issues and to troubleshoot faster.

How did Ipanema support you and for which benefits?

The Ipanema solution is deployed in the 827 bank branches and helped us to:

  • Smoothly roll-out Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Office 365 in 5-6 months
  • To prevent BYOD impact on the network and pre-existing business critical applications performance
  • Ensure strong adoption of Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Office 365 moving from 92 to 3700 Lync conferences a week
  • Cut network costs substantially byavoiding bandwidth upgrades and stop using telcos CoS
  • Troubleshoot faster and proactively
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