How Can Multinationals Reduce IT Complexity and Costs while Increasing Productivity? See How Gas Natural Did It with Ipanema.


With Ipanema Gas Natural Fenosa can guarantee business applications performance prioritizing them against recreational ones and reducing Mean Time to Innocence

As organisations expand, IT complexity grows along with them. For huge multinationals like Gas Natural Fenosa, IT performance issues can pose huge problems for productivity and losses of hundreds of man-hours and thousands if not millions of dollars are entirely possible.

A multinational group in the energy sector, pioneering in gas and electricity integration, Gas Natural Fenosa is the lead distributor in Spain and Italy, but also operates in Latin America, supplying energy to Argentina, Brazil & Mexico. As part of its 2015 strategic plan, Gas Natural Fenosa made it a key priority to expand further into Asian, European and Latin American markets. The IT department was conscious that an expansion of this size will pose problems to any organisation's IT department, as the network tries to keep up with the growing number of users, applications and usages.

Supporting these corporate goals means centralizing the infrastructure while maximizing business continuity and productivity of all company's employees over the globe. Business efficiency strongly relies on application and network performance.

Gas Natural Fenosa partnered with Ipanema Technologies to help it deal with three main IT challenges:

  1. How to recover control of the applications and protect business applications performance against recreational?
  2. How to quickly identify and resolve application problems before they impact the end-users productivity?
  3. How to accelerate the deployment and maximize the success of their CRM centralization ?

Ipanema's, business objectives-based, fully integrated and dynamic solutions allow Gas Natural Fenosa to easily (re)discover simplicity to meet IT challenges:

  • Gas Natural Fenosa was given full visibility of their application performance, allowing them to identify which applications were using large amounts of bandwidth.
  • Business critical applications were given priority over those that were bandwidth hungry but non-essential, using objective based management.
  • Mean time to innocence was reduced as a full set of performance reports were produced, which proactively alert the network administrator to application performance problems.
  • Wan Governance reports were produced to allow for a perfect network size to be used relation to the application performance needed. This also reduced IT costs.

These responsive solutions not only met the challenges posed to Gas Natural Fenosa, but also supplied them with guaranteed application performance no matter what new applications or users joined the network. Additionally, time to innocence was reduced by 3, greatly increasing the productivity of the IT department.

So, not only did partnering with Ipanema Technologies allow Gas Natural Fenosa to identify and solve application problems quickly, but they also gained the ability to have a flexible and agile IT department that could account for issues rapidly and maximize the success of datacenter consolidation.

- See more at: http://www.wan-governance.com/my_weblog/2014/11/how-can-multinationals-reduce-it-complexity-and-costs-while-increasing-productivity-see-how-gas-natu.html#sthash.JrtdxZhU.dpuf

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