Guarantee Skype for Business Performance & Business Benefits Will Follow

Today's business environments operate at a global scale. Whether that means communicating with a colleague in a remote office or a client based in an entirely different time zone, reliable communication tools that support both real-time and non-real-time communication are critical.

Skype for Business is one such tool that has not only allowed enterprises to improve productivity and collaboration, but also cost savings. This is because Skype for Business eliminates disparate tools that are used constantly to communicate throughout the day, such as instant messaging, video conferencing and more. As a one-stop-shop for today's communication superhighway, one would think that Skype for Business offers huge opportunities. But does it?

It all depends on the company's network. Eighty-one percent of enterprises have concerns about Skype for Business' quality of service (QoS), and the ripple effect this could have on telecom costs, the end user experience and organization-wide adoption of the tool. The reasons for this vary, but the main culprit is that Skype for Business, which is comprised of a variety of protocols that include voice, video, gateways and signaling, increases network complexity and is highly sensitive to network quality. If not managed properly on the WAN, not only could its quality be diminished, but other critical business applications could be impacted as total cost of ownership soars as a result.

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This is why it's critical for a business to be able to control the application traffic traveling over the WAN. Where static WAN optimization solutions fall down because they are unable to manage Skype for Business' user-centric traffic, application performance solutions rise to the challenge. The key is a solution that steers the flows of Skype for Business suite in tandem with other applications flows. It means that all the traffic present on the network needs to be directed in real time, by instantaneously matching link performance with the QoS requirements of every flow. This is crucial in hybrid WAN scenarios where the usage maximization of MLPS and Internet becomes a decisive prerequisite.

The result is a fully optimized business communication tool that aligns with an enterprise's business objectives. For example, with the quality of VoIP calls and video conferencing guaranteed between two branch offices, employee productivity remains intact and time is not wasted re-connecting and diverting to other modes of communication. Further, enterprises can generate increased adoption of the tool among employees while avoiding unnecessary bandwidth upgrades and network optimization costs.

To learn more about how enterprises can fully reap the benefits of Skype for Business, I invite you to read our new whitepaper, Are you delivering the best possible Skype for Business experience?. Or, read how leading German retail company Globus tapped an application performance guarantee solution to improve Skype for Business usage and reduce yearly travel costs by 20 percent.

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